small penis

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small penis
Sun, 02-20-2005 - 6:51pm
i,ve met a man i would love to spend my life with.he is very caring and sweet. he arouses me in every way possible, but there is one problem his penis is too small. i would love to make love with him but with a penis this small(the size of my pinky finger)it seems almost impossible for us to get that far.i've rubbed it even stroked it, it doesnt get hard it just stays there any help for this kind of problem.i really care for this man and would love to have a sexual relationship with him.
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Sun, 02-20-2005 - 8:12pm

Being small is one problem, however the fact that it stays limp is erectile dysfunction and is probably unrelated to his size (unless he's so worried about his size that he cannot get hard).

While discussing his size may be in poor taste, it's perfectly acceptable for you to address the issue of him having no erection - assuming that it's happened each time you are intimate. Mainly because it is fixable.

I would suggest that he sees a urologist or doctor.....there are plenty of treatments for ED. Depending on the cause, he may be prescribed anything from counselling to Viagra to a penis pump.

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