Can you give your bf too much falatio?

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Can you give your bf too much falatio?
Wed, 05-27-2009 - 10:27pm
I'm in a new relationship (3 months). The whole thing started off weird because he's my brother's best friend, and he's 4 years younger. I think we've gotten past the weirdness, but I'm starting to feel like a nympho-maniac or something. I want sex all the time & I love his penis. All I want to do is go down on him every time I see him. I've never been like this with anyone.
He's the first bf I've ever swallowed for, and I really like it... what is wrong w/ me? He hardly ever goes down on me & he's only given me one orgasm in 3 months.
Why am I obsessed with this guy & am I giving him too much oral sex? 3-4 times a week/ every time we have sex. I've never been so self-less in bed. I'm used to being pleased a lot more... what does this mean? I might feel neglected, or it might be my way of keeping my distance & not becoming too attached?... confused :(