Wife started smoking

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Wife started smoking
Sat, 05-20-2006 - 8:13am

My wife and I have 3 daughters, the oldest being just over 3. As can be expected times are very stressful. My wife, who told me she was strongly anti-smoking before we got married has revealed to me that she is now smoking 1-3 cigarettes/day. I feel that this is a betrayal of what we have told each other we believe in. Being strongly against smoking, this issue is tearing me apart.

Now, she has revealed to me that she has given our 17 year old baby sitter a cigarette. She says she won't ever do it again, but she has been lying to me about smoking so I don't know if I can believe her on this. Yesterday I found a different brand of cigarrettes in our minivan and when I confronted my wife, she said that the babysitter asked her to hold them for her so she didn't have to take them home or take them to school.

We have spoken to a counselor about my wife smoking but not about the babysitter's smoking. I can't even bring up the topic with my wife without her getting majorly upset. I am broken up about this and need to find out if I am overreacting or am I right to be mad as hell. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

The last thing I want in my family if for my daugters to know that their mother smokes and that it is OK for them to smoke.