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Mon, 08-27-2001 - 11:03pm


my niece, almost 10, was on vacation with father & extended family for 2 wks. When she returned she said that she had been skinny-dipping with Uncle *****. My sister went balistic. I called her MIL to get details. MIL says she was there, niece was only one who took off her swimsuit, it was hot & it was dark & all the kids used to do it when she was a girl & their family has been visiting this lake cabin/resort for generations. She said uncle did not remove his swimsuit.

I told her that This was out of the ordinary for our family, but to each her own. I know that there are family nudist camps etc. but how does the average mom feel about this? MIL was very upset by the big deal being made out of it. I tried to assure her that we both want what's best for niece & I didn't think she should bring this up in front of child anymore since her parents already fought about it in front of child.

What is the general consensus of other parents: do you think it is ok to go skinny-dipping like this? under what circumstances?

My sister's husband's family thinks we are just a bunch of prudes.