MELALEUCA (The Wellness Company)

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MELALEUCA (The Wellness Company)
Tue, 01-25-2005 - 11:49pm

MELALEUCA (The Wellness Company) Anyone know anything about this company?

A recently acquired friend is working hard to have me become one of her home business recruits! My understanding is the push is on recruiting people and NOT PURCHASING the products they sell even though there is a monthly minimum I will be required to spend on products.

Obviously, I have a lot of reservations. Her income is $100 monthly and she spends a lot of time on this business - a very low income in my translation.

To me it sounds like Amway!

All information (positive or negative) will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

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Thu, 01-27-2005 - 9:34pm


There are numerous debates on this company. What I can tell you is the products are great, but it has the highest percentage I have seen of disgruntled ex-consultants.

It's interesting to watch posts from people who swear by it, who then post again 4 or 6 months later feeling burned.

If you are good at recruiting, then you won't have any problem. The thing is, they focus their team members on posting and spamming boards, rather then face to face.


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Fri, 01-28-2005 - 1:11am

Hi Debbie!

Thank you for your good and honest feedback. I agree, any business we're not motivated and excited about will make us fail miserably.

BTW, continued good luck with Discovery Toys! Great company! Many years ago when my children were the ages of yours, I sold Discovery Toys and thoroughly enjoyed it. Plus, my children loved it because I spent all my proceeds on their toys!

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Fri, 01-28-2005 - 6:30am

I second what Debbie said, but I'd like to add a few things. A lot of marketing executives use the terms "no risk, no selling, not MLM" in their ads, which is very deceiving.

No risk -- there is always a risk when you sign up for a home business opportunity. There is always a risk that you won't be successful or that the company won't be for you. What Melaleuca means by no risk is that you can get your money back for your starter kit within 3 months (I think that is the time frame). However, IMHO, there is always a risk that you won't get your money back.

No selling -- you might not be outright retailing products like you would with Tupperware, Mary Kay or Avon, but you are still selling people on the notion of enrolling in a buying club and you will still have to "sell" people on the business opportunity aspect of it. So either way, you will still be "selling".

Not MLM -- MLM is MultiLevel Marketing, and this term refers not only to an industry, but a type of pay plan. You would be recruiting and earn money on the sales of the people below you. Melaleuca is in MLM. I researched the company and had several reps tell me that Melaleuca is MLM. So don't be fooled by the "not MLM" stuff, because the company is actually a MLM company.

As Debbie said, try the products first. You should have a passion for the products and the company you would be with. If you decide the company is not for you, then your friend will understand.


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Fri, 01-28-2005 - 12:27pm

First of all you should be getting advice from people who are doing the business NOW or HAVE DONE the business not from people who haven't. I've been a part of Melaleuca for over 4 months now and LOVE it. I do know why people are unsuccessful but I'm not going to post all the positives/negatives on this board right now. Chatting one on one is a different story if you need advice. But I do want to comment on the No Risk factor. I truly believe that there is no risk. That is one of the main reasons I signed up. Yes I guess you are giving up your time to try something out and you may not like it but is that really a risk?

Talk to your friend about how she runs her business. This is VERY important since she will be teaching you. Make sure there are a lot of tools and support around to help you along the way. They are many different ways to do things and you want to make sure you are comfortable with that.

And of course try the products. You will like them :)


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Tue, 02-08-2005 - 1:18pm

The products are great, but they are expensive. Some people do it just for themselves and don't try to recruit at all. Why not ask her if you can sample some of her products and see how you like them? If you don't like them, tell her so and forget all about Melaleuca. But if you do like them, maybe you could do some more research into the company to see if you'd even just like to order for yourself. Good luck.

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