Legal system is screwed up!!

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Legal system is screwed up!!
Sun, 07-10-2005 - 6:12pm
I have ben fallowing the story on the missing Idaho kids. What happened to that family is tragic to say the least. On top of EVERYTHING that little girl went through, sheis going to grow up knowing that IT COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED!!
If our legal system would have kept that man locked up, this would not have happend. He rapped a 14 year old boy at gun point. He went to prison. He got out. Then he molests a 6 yearold boy. You think our legal system would have realized that this man is a REPEAT offender and lock his ass back up. BUT NOPE!! He got PROBATION for that one!!
If our legal system would have worked, that man would still be in prison for rapping the first boy. He never would have had other victims.
What can we parents do to protect our kids? Our own government is working against us!
This ticks me off so much. I want to keep my kids safe, but how can I when the legal systems is throwing repeat offenders at us?
anyone else been keeping up with this story?



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Sun, 07-10-2005 - 6:34pm

I agree with you completely on this issue.
I said the same thing to my DH...the guy never should have been let out of jail.

Personally I feel that rapists, murderers, etc that have been convicted of more than one such crime should be put on a fast moving death row. As a taxpayer I have no desire to pay for these pigs to be kept alive. And I have no desire to think that they will be freed at some point and cause harm to others. Just my opinion.

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Sun, 07-10-2005 - 7:21pm
I couldn't agree more!!!!
I don't see why they even get out after doing it once to be honest!?! I live in Canada, and it's even worse here...some don't even go to jail. The thing is that a child molester has a preference for little kids...they CAN'T be cured!!! That's like telling someone who is gay to be straight, or like telling someone who is straight to be just ain't gonna happen. If they aren't locked up in jail they should at least have to spend the rest of their lives in some kind of an institution!!!! I cannot for the life of me understand how someone who robs a bank will serve more time then a rapist, or a child molester??? Is money more important and valued than a child's life?? Our world is just backwards!!!
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Mon, 07-11-2005 - 10:17am
I agree. I just finished my bachelor's in criminal justice/criminology. Sex offenders have a 90% recidivism rate and yet we let them back out. At rehab all they do is learn new ways to NOT get caught and new ideas from others in rehab with them. We have people locked up for life for drug charges (who would actually BENEFIT from rehab) and then we let out sex offenders who are statistically shown to be a repeat threat. But this is why it is called the CRIMINAL justice system and not the VICTIM justice system.


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