Orange Spit Up?

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Orange Spit Up?
Fri, 03-26-2004 - 6:23am
This monring I noticed that Ray's spit up from last night had dried orange on his bassinett sheet. This bassinett sheet is white, so I am sure about the color. There is an outline of the spit up (normal outline dis-coloration) about 4 inches around and in the center there is about a 2 inch spot that is orange colored.

Any ideas?

Help I am at work, DS is home w/ Dad, and I am waiting for the peds office to open!


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Fri, 03-26-2004 - 6:46am

I have noticed some of Landon's spit up drying funning colors, especially on his burp cloths. However, I have seen it come up, so it hasn't worried me at all. However, it really hasn't been an orange color, maybe an ugly yellowish tint. I am sure it maybe has something to with the formula, since he's bottle fed now.

However, as always, if you are concerned, I would suggest calling the pediatrician, as you plan on.

Please keep us posted.

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Fri, 03-26-2004 - 10:11am
I just checked the Doctor Sears Baby book but the only color of spit-up they mentioned as being alarming was green, so it wasn't much help as to what would cause orange spit-up.

If your BF it may be just from food dyes in food that you're eating. I've got a copy of the La Leche League Breastfeeding Answer Book and I read a while back about how certain food dyes can change the color of your breastmilk. Pink, orange, green and black milk are colors that they discuss. Pink and orange have been noted/studied from orange soda but they also note that there are plenty of other foods that have dyes in them.

Definitely do talk to your ped though. They'll probably have better answers or suggestions.



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Fri, 03-26-2004 - 10:43am
My baby is bottle fed and his spit up is sometimes, but not always, a bit pink. After discussing this with my mother in law, she asked if I gave him any medicine. I do give him gas drops from time to time and since I have stopped giving his the drops, the pink is not showing up. Some of my bottles also turned pink! Let me know if you hear anything from your pediatrician!