Sneezing/Coughing & Peeing Myself

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Sneezing/Coughing & Peeing Myself
Mon, 10-19-2009 - 11:52pm

Ok. Yeah, I'm 42.. but I'm not 92.. I should have some control over these things. I'm sitting here with no urge to pee whatsoever... and earlier I sneezed and peed myself bad enough to have to change my pants. An hour later, I coughed and had to change my pants. I'm in my PJs and I dont wear undies to bed or I'd have a pad on of some sort... I'm thinking it's time to start wearing undies and a pad at night now.



What would you


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Tue, 10-20-2009 - 2:49am

All I can say is... me too!

I sneezed... then had to change pants. An hour later, I spilled yogurt all over those pants. Between me and my 18 month old, I need to do laundry every other day.

You're not alone!

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Tue, 10-20-2009 - 3:51am
I do that, yep, and I'm 32... so I don't think it's an age thing!


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Tue, 10-20-2009 - 9:47am
I cough- I pee. I sneeze-I pee. I throw up- I REALLY pee.
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Tue, 10-20-2009 - 11:08am
I agree that puking is the worst--luckily I'm not doing that anymore!
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Tue, 10-20-2009 - 1:17pm
Add me to the list of those who sneeze and pee at the same time.
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Tue, 10-20-2009 - 1:19pm

Haha! This is what kegel exercises are for! I should have done them in my first pregnancy, because since then, I too, have experienced some incontinence. It is kind of funny!! But I am really good about my kegels this time, and it has gotten better.

But the fact is, when you're pregnant and you gotta go, there ain't nuthin' stoppin' it! The pressure is just too much on the bladder! I hate when I'm just sitting there, and all of a sudden I have to pee NOW and it HURTS!


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Tue, 10-20-2009 - 1:54pm
I get that to its really dangerous to sneeze right now! and Twins make it worse! Kegel's do nothing for me thanks to the twins..but i still do them in hopes that maybe it will get better! or atleast not make it worse

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Tue, 10-20-2009 - 7:38pm
I am SO there with you! I am getting over the flu and I seriously am coughing like crazy. I have had to do special laundry loads for my underwear! It is seriously not a fun pregnancy complication!!!


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Tue, 10-20-2009 - 11:36pm

This is so funny! Between me and my 2 year old who is potty training.... we started keeping a count of the times we have to change pants in our house.... thought of just running around in a T shirt and undies like I do for her.. JUST KIDDING! We know no one wants to see that.. heheheh

Hang in there ladies!
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Wed, 10-21-2009 - 11:47am
LOL-my 2yo has been potty training too!