white puss in throat, does it mean strep

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white puss in throat, does it mean strep
Thu, 03-24-2005 - 6:54am

if you have white puss on one side of your throat, does it automatically mean strep throat? i have had the usual allergy symptoms with a sore throat the past 2 days and this morning awoke with a severe sore throat & white puss? i have no tonsils. i have no fever.

just curious if i should call out of work- and go to the doctors... if it is just allergies they wont do anything for me. and i will miss another day of work- i missed monday... and i don't get sick pay. i need money for the baby right now!!! ughhh, decisions decisions.

any ideas guys? strep? just sinus?


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Thu, 03-24-2005 - 8:00am

Hey there! I am not a doctor or a nurse, however I work in a pediatricians office and I field questions constantly. This is one that I answer regularly. (of course the doctors answer, I just convey messsages) Anyhow, there is no way to tell if it is strep without a culture. I think that many doctors assume it is is strep and treat it, but really it should be cultured overnight. The rapid strep tests that take only a minute are not very accurate. If you are in alot of pain and feeling very sick, I would see a doctor. I have not heard of allergies causing pus in the throat. There are many viruses that do cause pus in the throat though and most of the time, virus just takes time to heal.

Good Luck...Feel Better!!


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Thu, 03-24-2005 - 8:38am

Hi. You may want to call to be safe but I can tell you that I have a lot of sinus troubles and I have had some pretty nasty looking stuff go down the back of my throat. I've also had severe throat pain with it. I think the key is I almost never get a fever with it. Like the pp said, you probably should call, but if it is sinus drink TONS of water to flush it out. Hope you feel better.


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Thu, 03-24-2005 - 8:48am

Would definitly make a trip to the Dr. May or may not be strep. I know that when I get white spots in my throat I have strep - that's how it manifests in ME. But I also know that is not the case for everyone.

I saw my OB last Friday and had some snuffles. By the weekend I was miserable and my ear was starting to hurt. Went to a GP on Monday and had an ear and throat infection. She immediatly put me on antibiotics (Z-Pack) and today I'm actually feeling better.

When you are pregnant and you get sick it is better to get yourself well. It doesn't help baby to have you fighting infections.

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Thu, 03-24-2005 - 9:57am
It sounds like Pharyngitis. Do you smoke by any chance or are around it much? Pharnygitis is an infection of your pharynx. Usually the white spots are present with it..(In my experience.) Cigarette smoke tends to trigger it also. I'd have your doctor check it out, you may need antibiotics.
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Thu, 03-24-2005 - 10:22am

For what it's worth, when I get strep throat (3 times in the last 2 years but not while pregnant, thank God!) it comes on really really fast. I'll not have any symptoms - no fever, no runny nose, no sore throat, and then suddenly, an hour later, I'll have the worse sore throat you've ever had - like trying to swallows burrs.

Then usually within an hour or two, the fever starts and I'm at the doctor, getting a swab and anti-biotics. It usually takes 2 days on the anti-biotics before I start to feel better, although the sore throat usually gets milder within 12 hours.


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Fri, 03-25-2005 - 11:00pm

hey guys... just thaught i would let you know i am ok. no strep... so white puss does not automatically mean strep. just sinus drainage and irritation.... yeah!!! i.m just taking zyrtec now.

thanks for the advice, and i am not a smoker... i quit when i found out i was pregnant. but now i can't stand the smell

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Wed, 09-25-2013 - 6:35am

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