Menstrual type cramps-34 weeks?

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Menstrual type cramps-34 weeks?
Wed, 08-20-2008 - 9:49am

Hello Ladies-

Has anyone else been experiencing menstrual type cramping?

olivia bw

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Wed, 08-20-2008 - 9:54am
I have had them for the last week or so and than yesterday pretty I am thinking today that she has dropped.
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Wed, 08-20-2008 - 10:04am
I've had that too and I was going to ask my MW about it on Monday. LMK what your doc says!

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Wed, 08-20-2008 - 10:33am
i had pains last week, and he was breech before. I went to the dr this past thursday and he is no longer breech. I think I was hurting because the little booger was trying to turn around
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Wed, 08-20-2008 - 10:47am

I've had them on and off for the last few months. My baby is really low and there has been a lot of pressure. It's totally normal as long as there is no real pain or bleeding/leaking accompanying it. Mine have been worse lately due to the baby dropping more and turning. It's not all the time though.

My friend at school is experiencing the same discomfort at 5 months. She is also perfectly fine. Just feels like you're about to start a heavy period. If you are that concerned though, a doctors reassurance will give you better piece of mind.

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Wed, 08-20-2008 - 10:47am
Well I am also 34 weeks and I had cramps yesterday all day. I am also thinking baby has dropped. I am going to ask my dr on Friday at my appt. let me know what your dr says. I will update as well.
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Wed, 08-20-2008 - 11:25am
Sounds like CONTRACTIONS to me! And not those pesky Braxton Hicks!! I had the same cramps last friday that actually sent me to L&D because I knew that something wasn't right. I would note the frequency and duration of them. Thankfully mine weren't enough to make changes to my cervix. Good Luck! HTH!
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Wed, 08-20-2008 - 12:49pm

HI!! I've had a few on and off or here and there since about 31 weeks. Kinda painful, i just try to ignore them, praying secretly that it's not early 'real' labor. haha

I think since I am always on the go, and doing a lot, it is just finally catching up w/ me??? Like, before, since I wasn't so far along, my body was okay w/ it? now, its bothered more when I do a lot.

I can't help it though.

oh well.

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