Any updates? Boards are all dying....

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Any updates? Boards are all dying....
Wed, 01-16-2013 - 9:33pm

I've been an ivillage member a long time (over 15 years now), so I've been thru a few "change periods" with ivillage.  And this by far is the biggest disaster.  My current "home" at ivillage was the South Beach Diet board...which was very active.  For the number of regular posters (not a huge number) I'd say we averaged 5000 posts a month.  Now were maybe hitting a couple hundred.

On the board we've expressed concerns with the large laundry list of board issues...and are told that "it's being worked on" and are directed to this board where we are supposed to see updates and progress.  Of which I haven't seen either in a very long time.  We are still dealing with (summary of issues we were talking about):

** the slowness of the board. Not sure if the board has always been this slow to load, but no other site I visit takes this long. And I know that it's a direct relationship to the ads because unless I hit stop on my browser, the page will take forever to finish loading and the only things that have not loaded are the ads.

**  the formatting. This is in no way directed towards the members that are having these issues, I feel your pain, but no matter what some people do their posts are all scrunched together and it's hard to read.

** the reply box. If my message goes past the size of the box, I have to manually scroll down to see the next line. Not a big deal, but really? Even microsoft word automatically moves you.

** logging in. Ha. Good luck. Usually takes 3 or 4 attempts to log-in and the 'stay logged in' option doesn't work. If I can't get logged-in after the 2nd attempt, I've stopped trying. Doubt that I'm alone in that.

** new message indicator. Back in the day we'd have THOUSANDS of postings in the dyk, imagine how difficult it would be to find where you left off without the new message/unread message count. Guess it doesn't matter anymore.

** the board options. I like to have 50 messages on my screen - especially no with all of the other issues. I can get 50 messages, until I go to the next page. No signatures - it takes forever for some signatures to load, so I turn them off. Works great. Until I go to the next page or reply to any message. Why even bother having the options?

Someone mentioned on our board last week (in a thread where alot of the current issues were laid out) that they expect to one day see a profile of ivillage in a business class on how a business went down in flames -- rapidly.   Which is very sad to think, but I'm strating to think they are right.



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Thu, 01-17-2013 - 10:43am

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for dropping by and sharing your concern. I know how much you and your fellow SBDieters love iVillage and how discouraging the technical issues have been. The tech team is working on a permanent solution to the issues and our community director will update everyone as soon as the details are set. 

I know I've said this many times but I really do want to thank you for sticking this out with us!