Blood in nose mucus for 6 months

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Blood in nose mucus for 6 months
Sat, 10-16-2010 - 12:36pm

I have been experiencing the blood in my nose mucus, specially after I get up from bed in morning. There is blood in the nose mucus, or if I clean my nose with a tissue I find bloody mucus.

I get headaches once in 1-2wks, difficulty breathing due to nose blocks in bed, and dry nose sometimes. I have also noticed my nostril wall, in the end, to be be very red. I have allergy to many food items and also dry weather. But this problem has been persistent throught the summer and winter season.

No cough, or running nose experienced.

Can you tell me if its normal? How do I diagnose if anything is wrong? If I visit a doctor he/she might just suggest a CT scan of something but I do not want to waste money if there is nothing wrong.


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Mon, 10-18-2010 - 10:33am


You may want to try asking this on the Allergies & Asthma board or the Migraines & Headaches board. Personally, I've dealt with similar, it comes and goes. For me, it's allergy/sinus related. You may want to make an appointment to see an ENT and then go on from there.


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