Can't post on the board for which I am a CL

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Can't post on the board for which I am a CL
Sun, 11-04-2012 - 12:32am

I use Google Chrome and get this message when trying to log in

Error 404 Not Found

Not Found

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XID: 999866562

Varnish cache server

I am about ready to give up on iVillage.

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Mon, 11-05-2012 - 12:57pm

I'm posting again with success from my MAC using Safari!  I can see replies, even; though I'm not getting any  notifications -- but I'm checking the board every couple of hours, just to make sure things are running smooth. 

One thing I did find to help my boardies was make sure to use that "float to the top" radio button religiously on every new post and make sure if they hadn't remembered to use the drop down box in OPTIONS and float their post to the top so they could find it before it got buried on page 2 or 3.  :)

I still have a couple of boardies that are hanging tough and posting, and a couple of others waiting this all out and hoping things will turn around. Most of them have been impacted in some way by Sandy and are being so patient.  Gotta give them kudos for that.  

Thanks for all the  hard work, ladies and gents!  I'm sure there are some other work arounds. 


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Hi Beth,

I am sorry you are having problems. Are you getting that message when visiting the board or when trying to post? Are you logged in? Have you tried another browser?

Something I have observed that is helping others is to log in then wait a minute or two and make sure your name is at the very top left hand corner of the board. There seems to be a slight delay for some and if you try to post before your name appears, you get that error.

Hope this helps you,