delete/hide "recent posts" list? and other issues

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delete/hide "recent posts" list? and other issues
Wed, 01-05-2011 - 11:12pm

I have seen other iv friends who have hidden their lists of posts. How do I do this??

I am having trouble editing my profile at all, when I go to it, where there used to be a link that leads you to "your view", it isn't there anymore! Please help, I am having major privacy concerns here!

Also, I logged in as one username, and somehow IV changed it without me, how did that happen? I use different names on different boards (for privacy reasons) and now it changed usernames in the middle of a session, I didn't realize and posted on the wrong board. Now that board can see where I've been, and I really don't like that! They might not know its me, but it still bothers me!

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Hi -

Only you can see your post history/recent posts. Other members can't (which is why you can't see it on others' profiles). It's possible that you weren't completely logged out of one name when you went to post. Can you tell me how you're logging in and out? I would suggest, if you aren't already, logging in and out via the links on the message board pages. For example, the links to the right on this page: - under quick links.

As for your profile, it's possible that you're not logged in completely when going to that page. Here is the direct link: - if you're not signed in it will ask you to do so.

Sorry for any confusion and I hope this helps!

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