Does this ad (or whatever) HAVE to take over the whole page?

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Does this ad (or whatever) HAVE to take over the whole page?
Wed, 02-27-2013 - 6:26pm

I can't even tell what it's for but the three clouds sometimes appear at teh top, other times at teh bottom. It not only makes the message board look consticted but it hides the links --- once it popped up when I was posting and I couldn't find the link that disables rich text under the posting box as the holw page was blue!

I'd attach it but, as usual, attachment isn't working for me so...

Here's a cut-and-paste from Pbotobucket (Damn, I hate wasting my photobucket bandwidth for screen grabs...)...

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Hi, everyone...

Erin turned in this issue and our ad dept has now turned it off. It may take 30 mins or so to cache, but it should then no longer show.

Thanks for letting us know!



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Hi Ladies,

Thanks for sharing the screen shots. To me it doesn't look like it's looking as it should. I'll definitely pass this along so they can look into it!


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Here's a shot at the bottom of a page taken over by those ads.  Again you can barely make out the links to IV stuff due to the blue colors being so similar.

Well, now it's telling me that "the file referenced by the Attachement field does not exist."  But when I click on it, it seems to be there.

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I got the same thing TWICE this morning!  The blue borders just seem to take over the whole page, and you can barely make out some of the links (especially the login one) at the top because they are almost the same color blue!

Any update on the progress of the archiving of the older posts? I see very little if any differences (in fact things have been loading slower lately for me), and it's been at least 5 weeks now since the process was started.

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