Editing has become a PITA!

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Editing has become a PITA!
Mon, 01-07-2013 - 12:35pm

I can identify two seperate and equally irritating issues.

First, if I edit a title, I get a message "this page cannot be found" --- it's there but it takes several refreshings before the edited post appears.

Second, and more pertinant to me than to others maybe, is the following.  I maintain a series of parking threads with links to various tutorials and tips from other boards. Once a week, I move these links to their respective threads elsewhere on my page (IF I CAN FIND THEM --- so many are still missing)  but, at least for one week, all the current links to tips are easily found in a single post.  For example, see my sewing tutorial thread here...http://www.ivillage.com/forums/home-garden/hobbies-crafts/stitchers-niche/sewing/sewing-tutorials-week  I developed this parking strategy as a way to circumvent the fact that search does NOT work despite the fact that I am using the exact wording of the thread I want to find (plug in fireplaces for my H&G Decorating and Home Repair boadrd and I get Mommy posts about binkies on Pregnancy and Parenting, for example --- I have posted about this before so I won't go into this further but...)

But because this parking thread is a week-long post, rather than set up a string of new posts to an old thread which will eventually become blank posts, becasue I can't remove them, only edit them (see that same sewing tutorial which has a post to it becasue of a issue I had earlier with posting in general), often I need to come back and edit that original post by adding a new line or two with a new link.

FIne, I add the line. I click on post. The thread comes up UNCHANGED! No new line or link! Like I hadn't done a thing! And NO, I DID NOT CLICK cancel!  I can use my browser to go back --- the change is in the posting block. Click on post again --- and sometimes again, and again, and again --- and it finally comes up.

Once or twice, the entire post I was editing becomes truncated to a single line! Now that is a CRIME, given how much material can be in that thread over a week. Luckily, backing up in my browser usually locates the missing material in toto but... WHY WHY WHY am I spending SO bloody much time trying to serve my board when the system is fighting me every inch of the way.

And that doesn't even begin to count the number of links I CANNOT post becasue the profanity filter is in overdrive about words like "quick i e" ( just compress this to read the offending word which was applied to a quick Hannukah ornament project, or maybe it doesn't like the same spelling in the link's url code --- and how do I fix that?)? PULEESE

I don't have all day to mess with this! I really don't! Not even sure why I bother, because I'm basically all alone on my boards. Check them out (assuming you can find them since I can't put links in my signature becasue "MY EMAIL IS TAKEN)!) and you will see a plethora of Thatyank and CL-thatyank orignators and responders, but hardly anyone else and most of those are originators of old thread that I have brought forward to add a post to... EVERYONE has left, absolutely everyone!

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Mon, 01-07-2013 - 1:03pm

Hi Carol -

I'm sorry you're frustrated. Everything you've posted is something we're aware of. The issue with the "this page cannot be found" is due to slowness. It can't be found because your edit hasn't been placed at that very moment, due to slowness, but the URL has changed to reflect the edit.

I'm not sure I'm following on the other issue, but again, it sounds like a slowness issue where the system just isn't working as fast as you're trying to go.

The slowness is the top priority right now. Unfortunately I don't have a time frame but as soon as one is available it will be shared with everyone.

Thank you,

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