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Editing Tool Not Working
Thu, 06-19-2014 - 8:17pm


I tried to delete some info about my sex life that could potentially be used against me by gangsters and an ID thief as slander. When I did edit it, the new version was not posted, but the old one came up again instead! Can anyone let me know if such people can actually see this stuff or if it's completely private and unavailable to anyone outside of this website. If it isn't, could you please insure the edited version has replaced the inappropriate one?

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Fri, 06-20-2014 - 11:34am

Hi Nalia,

Email me with specifics about what posts you are talking about and what you are hoping they say so I can help you out. :-)

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Fri, 06-20-2014 - 1:51pm

This is from the gynecology board, I've reposted from there and told you what I wanted changed and deleted, see below:

my BF in to the idea of using penis growth & sperm volumizer (please switch to male enhancement) which turned out to be a big mistake because in between then & now we've gone from having 7 Neopets to 20 of them. It was arousing for me at first & I struggled with an erotica addiction. (delete)

       Eventually however, a virus got onto one of my machines from one of the links I accessed that placed pop-ups for the stuff all over it, so my Mom installed some protection on my old one. Since then I've gone through 2 new computers, a laptop and a desktop (currently on my 2nd desktop) and the protection has been replaced with Norton's. (Delete Paragraph

     I don't know how regularly my BF uses it as I don't keep track of it anymore, but I was advised to stop sending cybersex emails to him by my therapist bc she said they're not as private as they seem(delete second half of sentence).