An entire folder missing from both of my boards...

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An entire folder missing from both of my boards...
Wed, 03-06-2013 - 9:49pm

I logged in tonight from my iPad and couldn't find teh folder I called iVillage, News, Views adn Reviews on Sittcher's Niche so I checke Decorating & Home Improvement and found the Explore iVillage folder missing from that board...

Thinking that this was a mobile version aberration, something like not being able to see more than ten posts for any folder, I came to my laptop and logged an an  it would appear that those folders are missing...

So this is how you are deleting data? No notification --- just remove folders wholesale? It certainly isn't just threads older than January 2011 as both had recent posts in them... as late as this morning, in fact, on Stitcher's Niche...

Need I say that this is VERY distressing?


What is next to go? WIll we be told? 

For that matter, will I even hear from anyone who KNOWS the asnwer ad

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Much appreciated! If it comes to pass, I don't mind if the folder goes away IF I have enough time to rescue data. 

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Thu, 03-07-2013 - 12:10pm

Hi, Carol

Jess got called into a meeting, but beforehand, she was able to find and restore the board!



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Thu, 03-07-2013 - 10:33am

Well, as I said in an earlier post when that "Delete all Explore iVillage Folders" idea came up (way back when you all were promising a seamless transition from Lithium...), my News, Views and Reviews foder wasn't an Explore iVillage folder, although I allow CLs to promote there is they wished, DID post annoucnments like CLs of the Month there, and did post info there from the various newsletters and all the promotions you all encouraged us to do because none of this FIT with the content of my board otherwise. However, now all the links to free patterns, retreats, etc are gone and there is no way to recreate them. And *I* did use that folder --- DAILY!

I can live with all the iVillage promotions being gone. Heck --- I was only doing that because my CMs asked me to. None of that STUFF you all promote has ANYTHING to do with stitchery --- you don't even have a decent craft section on the home page to refer to. And I agree, the age of CLs promoting their boards seems to be long gone --- mainly because of the post-flooding issues, the time it takes to FIND a place to promote, etc.

BUT... whoever did this didn't even bother to LOOK at what they were doing. They just stripped the last folder off ov every board, it looks like to me...

One more straw... and this camel's back is already straining!

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Let me look into this. I know there was on old ticket requesting that all the "Explore iVillage"-type boards be moved, since no one ever used them. Maybe it was finally done.

But no, it's not a part of the deletion project.

...keep going!

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Hi Carol -

That definitely is not related to any deletion, which as Jess has stated, hasn't happened yet. I've passed this on to get looked at. I'm honestly not sure why they aren't showing.

As soon as we have any news we'll let you know!!

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