Help, I'm trying to find my post and see if there are responses to it

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Help, I'm trying to find my post and see if there are responses to it
Tue, 01-14-2014 - 4:05pm

Where do I find my posts and how to set my page up so that I don't have to look for my posts on the message board 


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You have to be logged in, then you go to Quick Links (in the right column) then to My Board Profile. It will show posts that you started, and further down the page, posts that you commented on. Is that what you are looking for?

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 For many of us who have been here a while we would recieve notices that a thread we posted or replied to a post on had new replies.  That made it much more free flowing.  Plus it allowed us to post to replies.  The current system is not as friendly.  Part of the fun was in the conversations.  We went to our email and replied from there.  Replies are what makes the site  more involved.

  This involvement allowed the greater participation.  Compared to the older years this is staid as we have no notice of further replies nor are we about to go to each thread to see.


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There is also a way to get e-mail notifications, but to be honest I can't recall the steps off of the top of my head.  It used to be a simple "check of the box" but now it takes several steps.

I would try the way E said to.