I am truly getting fed up here...

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I am truly getting fed up here...
Thu, 10-25-2012 - 12:18pm

I'm sure that these problems have been reported elsewhere in the horrendously long threads I see here. I KNOW I have sent them on to my CM but... this is the first time the link to this board actually worked for me 9and this after two bouts today with Error 503 messages) so there' sno way I'm going to try to read 120+ replies to an "update" posted 10 days ago.

--- I'm still missing months of threads between September and April of 2012 on BOTH my boards (and since I have no signtature and you can't see the links because the signature is too long and the email is already taken and the "work around" didn't work, those two boards are in H&G, Stithcer's Niche and Decorating & Home Improvement - I'd give you links but this systee doesn't allow a url to be linkable UNLESS one uses plain text? DUH? Can I actually switch between text formats while typing and actually get something besides gobbeldy goop in a post? Not so far, I think...) Anyway, NONE fo these were threads being posted to when you switched over. NONE of them. And I'm not even going to go to where some threads lost the last several weeks of repsonses even though the OP is there. 

---There is a most confusing set of alternatives for posting, all of which further complicate not only posting (trying to get a url that is linkable, for example, is different form trying to post a photo which is different from trying to cut&paste soruce code which is different from... DO you get the picture?). I have to edit in html if I posted in html! What the F?

How many times do I have to change the text format box within a post to get what I want, and then, if I need to edit --- which format comes up? ). WE need a real tutorial on that --- the help button is useless and doesn't HELP at all and the rich text bit isn't even mentioned and I don't understand this AT ALL! Come on people, we aren't all tech-savvie --- and if I don't understand one of your work-arounds, there's no way I'm going to try to explain to a board member how to sue it. Epecailly since the oddsa re that board memebr can't read my reply anyway!

WYSIWYG? Not in this system!

---Search doesn't work at all --- not even close!  I mean, ask the search engine to find fireplaces and you get a post about "Memories Evoked by a Blanket" on a totally different CHANNEL. I'd upload an attachment to show what search delivered but the upload button is just spinning and spinning and nothing is happening. SO I have to try to rememebr what teh thread title was and use my browser search, page by effing page to find a thread I KNOW I posted but can't find! The old search wasn't perfect but at least it did find threads on MY BPOARDS... that came close, most of the time.

---There is no spell check - which is something I really came to depend on, and in order to correct my usual misspellings, which I often don't see until AFTER I hit that post button, 

---EVERY time I tried to post a thread title with characters in it, the post went bye-bye, no error message, nothing --- no way to correct it because it went Error 404. And I had to test this by trying various permutations of title and text before I FOUND out what was going on. MY CM sure didn't know and no-one got back to me on that either. So beware, anyone who wants to use "Characters" like € or £ or ® or → or even " in their post title! It's OK in the body of the text, but NOT in the title!

---I have no signature. It's too long? One link to photobucket and one line saying CL of... and my boards with links embedded is TOO LONG? JEEZ! I mean I could really like a forum that limited signature length as I find those long rambling, full of blinkie signatures an offense, but I never had a long siggie and I could live with a short one, but I would like SOMETHING... anything, that showed I was a CL and had two boards and how to get to them.

The signatures that do appear are strange cut-and-paste jobs, with things repeated and reply buttons burried within them. and somehow you managed to resurrect a variety of CL-thatyank siggies as text (pre-Lithium, NOT the ones that showed on the Litium transfer) and then tacked on a truncated recent one with all links to myboards deleted (it's that too long siggie which DOES NOT APPEAR in my newer posts!)

---I have no avatar. My email is already taken, apparently.

--- SO MANY photos embedded in posts are GONE. Littel blue question marks if I'm licky, blanks more often than ot. Sure, I could replace a lot of them that I posted, but NOT the ones that were links to other web sites. And not the ones posted by others. Assuming I had access to them,  I'm not sure I could get them to load. I mean that attachment upload button is still spinning and it'ssbeen nearly 20 minutes since I tird to upload an attaachment to this post. 

--- cut and paste an iVillage newsletter into a forum thread and the format is totally screwed. Cut & paste that same newsletter source code using filtered html and I get it but can't edit it (I don't want all those twitter referrals, ads, etc. but I can't delete them once they are in the code unless I edit code. AAACK!)

---Some browsers (Notably Chrome) won't let me sign in. Mobile browsers don't even have a sign in option!

--- Most of my board members can't see replies on their computers, let alone on mobile sites. *I* can't use my mobile site anymore because I can't see posts! So I am now having to start a new discussion just to respond to them!

--- Error 503 is rampant --- it takes ages to load a page, especially here, and if the Error 503 message doesn't load, my bowser times out!

I KNOW I must have more observations (like all that work I went to to tag, only to have all the tags disappear and yes, you promise tags soon but, tags suitable for linking to your home pages and since my threads are not mommie-threads or TTC-threads or gossip threads, none of the tags you all will provide will be of use to me - of that I am totally sure.)... But I'm beginning to think, why bother. If these things weren't caught when you all were "testing" this for the past several months, how in blazes are you going to fix them before my three remaining board members throw up their hands and jump ship? Before *I* throw up my hands and say ta-ta! NOT much longer, I think...

P.S. I just got an error message when trying to post this!

P.P.S. Edited to add --- apparenlty the search attachment loaded even though the upload button hadn't said so until now... if that another glitch?

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Thu, 10-25-2012 - 9:02pm

Hi Carol!

Please don't give up yet!

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Fri, 10-26-2012 - 8:56am
I feel your pain Carol , first I've been able to open any board since Wednesday afternoon. (my house is getting really clean though in the meantime )LOL
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Fri, 10-26-2012 - 12:26pm

Hi Carol,

I'm sorry you're so upset. I get it. I do. We all definitely appreciate the patience you've shown. I don't have any answers for you now, but tech is meeting at this very moment and we'll have an update later to share with everyone.

The 503 error was experienced by all, unfortunately. You should definitely not be seeing it today. If you are, please let me know.

If you need anything, please let me know. You can email me directly at techtalk@mail.ivillage.com, if you need to.

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