Long Distance Confusion

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Long Distance Confusion
Wed, 03-13-2013 - 11:26am

<p>I am in a real mess. I have feelings for my best friend.</p><p>My bestie and I met through my exboyfriend over a video game we played online (this man lives 2200 miles from me atm). Jason and I hit it off right away and talked and talked everyday for 2 years. We would stay on vent until 5 am, he would call me and we would talk for hours, and we would often Skype. We are very similar in personality, our pasts had similar situations in them, to a point it was scary how much alike we are. After 2 years of us talking and skyping everyday, I told him I had feelings for him beyond best friends.He told me if I lived closer I would be his girl and that he knew I would make him happy and that he could see settling down with me. After that he stopped talking to me for 3 weeks.</p><p>Once he shares something personal with me, he tends to not talk to me for a week or so. I confronted him about it and he said he needed time to think because we are so far apart and we are both very sexual people he didn't know if he could be what I wanted. I told him that was fine and I stopped texting and calling him. Another week later I got a call from him telling me he missed me and he hated we hadn't talked. Things went back to normal. Jason calling me hunny or sweety and telling me he wants to be with me, skyping, all of it. He always calls me when good and bad things happen first before anyone else.</p><p>This has gone on for 5 years now. I fly to see him and he sees me, too. This past week I was in TX to see him and he bought me a brecelet and had me help him look for work clothes for him. Bedroom wise we were great, but then the day before I left he got awkward. He said he was glad we were friends and I made him relax and was low drama. I still havent heard from him. He gave me a hug and left my hotel. What do I do? He acts like he wants a relationship, then he doesn't...I am so lost. Help me! (pardon any mis-spells)</p><p></p>

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Hi & Welcome!

I'm sorry you're down about the relationship. You may want to post over on the Understanding Men or the Online Dating topics. I'm sure they'll have some great advice or be able to lend a knowing ear.

Best of luck!

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