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Malware Alert
Mon, 12-24-2012 - 6:18am

When I tried to load a page on the message board today, I got Chrome telling me this:

Danger: Malware Ahead!

Google Chrome has blocked access to this page on

Content from, a known malware distributor, has been inserted into this web page. Visiting this page now is very likely to infect your computer with malware.

Malware is malicious software that causes things like identity theft, financial loss and permanent file deletion. 

Maybe it's just Chrome being overly-cautious but it still concerns me that iVillage might be showing ads from a known malware distributor. 

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Wed, 01-02-2013 - 3:37pm


FWIW, there's a good possibility this is just Chrome over-reacting to an ad; sometimes, an add-on or setting in Chrome gives a false positive about a running ad. Unfortunately, since it's a browser-related issue, we can't fix it but I can promise you that our site doesn't have any malware on it. Hope that is reassuring!



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Tue, 01-01-2013 - 2:29pm

  I suggest using and dedicated anti-malware such as malwarebytes.  (cnet downloads)  This has even defeated the Russian fraudware. 


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Mon, 12-31-2012 - 10:22am

Hi there -

Yes, it sounds as if someone grabbed something from the free wallpapers site and put it in their sig. It could be just the mention of the name that is setting off your protection system. If you can let me know what topic you're on or the thread you're in, I can look into it and remove it.


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Mon, 12-31-2012 - 5:47am
You mean you think my computer has malware? Even though I've only ever seen this notice when browsing iVillage? Seems unlikely. It only happened twice, when trying to open a topic on the message boards. Maybe it was something in someone's signature? I can't remember which topic it was - I'll let you know if I come across it again but I promise you it's not my computer or I would be having other problems, not just two alerts only on iVillage.
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Wed, 12-26-2012 - 8:06pm
I get the wallpapers popup quite often on my laptop as well and I have the popup blocker on. It only happens at ivillage. I always assumed it was an ivillage thing as well.
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Wed, 12-26-2012 - 9:47am

Hi, as far as I know, we have no relationship with the free wallpapers site.  It sounds like it's most likely malware, and I would suggest running a scan.  I'll pass this on for investigation though.  Do you remember where you were when you saw it?