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Mobile access
Wed, 10-24-2012 - 3:36pm
Hi   Started with parent soup way back in the dial up days... So I know there are plenty of us here who can survive a change.   And I do still have to use DOS at work soooo i have a sense of humor re:changes to modernize in my world seemingly are forever. ;) At home I went fully mobile over three years ago. Ivillage used to have a choice: mobile version or a link to the classic or full version site on the main page Why is this no longer available? Thank fully my moderator has the patience of a saint!  From SAint CMLisa Came a link to this board where I was told I could find mobile/iPad updates. Unfortunately, I can not even get to see all the threads on this forum because the little blue linky to open all threads goes to a little blankie no where page. Beyond this thread finding problem I TOOI can not read replies, Consequently, mobile members will need some one to post a new update/ETA on fixes or push the other thread to the top of this page. It might be nice to "read" on the main page a note to mobile users with all the coming soon app advertising. Thanks   
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Wed, 10-24-2012 - 4:59pm

Hi Elle —

Thanks so much for your patience. I'm sorry about the issues the mobile users are experiencing. I'm a fan of the mobile site as well and am lost at not being able to view posts on my iphone. It is something they are definitely working on. I just don't have a time frame of when a fix will be in place.

The good news is that as updates are posted, we've been creating new threads so users like yourself can view them. I'll make sure everyone knows to make sure they stay above the next page so you can see them if it's been a while and they've been bumped out of view.

Have I thanked you for your patience? Yes? Well, thank you again! :)

If I hear anything about the mobile site I'll be sure to get in touch with you so you know.


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