One Step Forward and Two Steps Back

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One Step Forward and Two Steps Back
Sat, 06-22-2013 - 9:21am

This morning I was able to log in to post on my board, Quick and Easy Cookbook. That doesn't always happen so I was happy. I posted over there and then jumped over here to look for updates. Then I noticed my issue, I was no longer logged in. In the past, this week even, once I was able to log in I was logged in for every iVillage message board. This morning I am not. If I was to leave here and go back to Q&E, I would have to log in again.

Huge sigh... Logging in is no fun.

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Sun, 06-23-2013 - 2:35am

:(...I know...


It's so frustrating, just when you think everything is going to be alright...

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Sun, 06-23-2013 - 10:38am

Same here --- it used to be that if one signed in on one board, one was signed in, period. Not now. I have to resign in on EVERY board... and that signing in is often replet with "you are not authorized" messages as well...

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Mon, 06-24-2013 - 3:30pm

Hi Ladies -

This is still the same issue that they are working on, involving the cache. If you have any questions or further issues with it, you can definitely contact your mod directly via email.


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