Passing on a problem/complaint

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Passing on a problem/complaint
Sat, 12-08-2012 - 8:37pm

Are there more problems than usual today (Sat 12/8) or is my boardie just having bad luck?

One of my boardies has been emailing me today regarding board problems. She is getting all of the error messages: it tells her to sign in, then tells her that the page cannot be found (she didn't note which error number), keeps prompting her to sign in then says that her password cannot be recognized. She clicked on "make new password" which took her to a page with "email my new password" but nothing happens when she clicks the link.

I directed her to this board but she cannot get on to post here either, so cannot tell/ask a question. She says that she can view boards but they jump a lot and go blank then return (maybe refreshing repeatedly??) She took a break of several hours from trying the boards but in the afternoon had the same problems. 

What should I tell my boardies when they ask me what's going on or what they can do? Fortunately I am having few problems so I don't know the solutions or work-arounds, if any exist. I have other things to do than read through all of the threads here to glean some pointers to give my boardie, and she evidently has neither the patience nor desire to do it for herself...and really, she shouldn't have to, none of us should.  She is one of my more active members so if she throws in the towel my board will feel it. 

If there is a list of work-arounds and possible solutions, it would be great to get them all compiled into one post here. Thanks.

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Mon, 12-10-2012 - 4:34pm

I noticed the boards jumping a lot more than usual over the weekend, too.  It definitely correlated with the ad at the top of the page, because each banner ad was a different height and every time a new ad loaded, the board jumped as the ad height changed.

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Mon, 12-10-2012 - 11:53am

Karla and Jen, thanks for the response. I will give her Jen's email. 

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Mon, 12-10-2012 - 10:18am
Hi, Elspeth. If anyone is having problems, could you please give them my email address at If they put ATTN: JEN in the subject line, I'll get it. I was experiencing the same issue last week, too. This morning, things are working for me, so I hope she's able to post again as well. I am so sorry about all of this.

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Mon, 12-10-2012 - 9:35am


There have been many reports of people being caught in the sign-in loop over the last few days and they have been passed on. I haven't seen the jumping around thing reported so I'll go ahead and get that reported. One thing I have observed is that there is a bit of a delay from the time I log in until I see my name at the top of the board. Right right before I see my name,however, I'll see a brief "jump". That might be what she is seeing.

As far as your board members, please thank them on our behalf for hanging around here with us while we work through some technical issues. Also, please feel free to give them your moderator's e-mail address. We are more than happy to talk with members and discuss issues to try to help. :-)