relationship problems

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relationship problems
Tue, 07-01-2014 - 1:14am

hello all..thanks for taking the time out to read my post

im going through a very confusing time in my relationship with my boyfriend..sigh..he says he loves me but honestly I don't think he really loves me the way he says he does...his roommate disrespected me, I went over to my bf house and his roommate came outside im guessing he was getting ready to go to work..he came up to my car and said hello. We chatted for a little and then he proceeds to show me his std test results??? I was taken aback because we do not have a relationship like that..he then proceeds to tell me how he is with a lot of females and he likes to hit it raw and blah blahblah a lot of unnecessary things that I didn't need to know.. I don't know if he was testing me or was just way tooo much info. anyway I mentioned to my bf about his roommate showing me his test results and the first thing my bf says is 'are you fng him'? I couldn't believe he asked me that...I was going to tell him about the other things that was said to me but I fell back...I didn't mention it until the following week..couldn't hold it in..i felt guilty...I told him bits n pieces because I couldn't remember it all... long story short we got into a heated argument I felt as if he didn't believe anything I was saying to him so I hung up on him...after a couple days we made up...but not one time did he mention the situation. I would always have to bring it see if he talked to the guy or not..its just so makes me very uncomfortable. he says to me that his roommate is going to apologies to me...then he says his roommate tells him all he said was something that he said to me a week after the incident.... my boyfriend end up sending me a picture of his roommate with a bloody face...the caption read this is what happens to anyone who lies to me and disrespects my was a fake picture I know it was...he says he got it off his roommates instagram..but little do he knows I checked his rm instagram as soon as he sent it to me....smh....he lied to me and then broke up with me because I would not drop the situation...I am currently back with him but having a hard time trusting him...I wasn't trying to break his friendship up..all I wanted was some me please FrownFrownFrown update: i broke up with my boyfriend...i absolutely regret it now...its just the situation above really didnt sit well with keep my bf in my life i act as if i could get over the situation so he wouldnt be mad with me... i shouldve let him go when he broke it off..but i was afraid of losing see i have hsv2 he is the first guy ive been with since my diagnosis...he wanted me regardless...made me feel normal...should i call him...need help...just couldnt get over the lies...stop trusting him
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Tue, 07-01-2014 - 11:23am

You are never going to trust him now that you don't so move on. You can't love someone you can't trust.

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Tue, 07-01-2014 - 11:26am

I don't know what you've been diagnosed with but your BF does not sound like a nice guy so I don't know why you would stay with him.  I think women get in bad situations where they think that they have to stay with someone who isn't good to them because they feel it's the best they could do--being alone is preferable than being with a bad BF, and besides you can't find a good BF if you stay with the bad one.

You would probably get more response to this if you posted it in the Relationship Problems section under Love & Sex.

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Tue, 07-01-2014 - 2:55pm

Hi! I'm sorry about all of this. :( I do agree with the advice you were given.  You may want to post this on the Working On Your Relationship for a bigger audience with those who have BTDT.

Good luck to you!

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