Thanks and question

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Thanks and question
Wed, 05-29-2013 - 9:36pm

Thanks for fixing the login issue...I've posted to my boards. Maybe next time the CMs can send an email to the CLs alerting them to a workaround?

I've kept my mouth shut up until this point but this is getting ri-dic-u-lous!!! If data is the issue...why don't you scrap it all and start from scratch? I know a lot of people would be upset about losing that but maybe we would have well-functioning boards while you worked on fixing the least we would have something. Seems to me that trying to fix code that is decades old and has been transfered multiple times to different platforms is a losing battle.

I'm not a techie, so take this with a grain of salt. But I also know that no matter how difficult the task...the point for a reasonable amount of time to fix the issues has long passed.

Thanks for listening!! :)


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Thu, 05-30-2013 - 8:03am

Hi Michelle,

I'm glad you can get in!

Unfortunately email has proven to be unreliable as of late when trying to contact CLs, so the best course of action, as it has always been, is to post in a central spot where everyone can see it (which I did). You (in general) are always able to contact your moderator(s) directly via email as well.

I think there has been a sort of misunderstanding with the data/waiting. Yes, data is/was  an issue, however, we've also been experiencing a complete restructuring of staff, which includes (but is/was not limited to) the tech team. This, as you can imagine, has added a kink timewise into fixes. I am confident that we'll be back on track shortly.

Again, if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact your mod, or myself. My email is


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