Why aren't threads updating, loading, etc, adn whay are they sometimes being scrambled?

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Why aren't threads updating, loading, etc, adn whay are they sometimes being scrambled?
Sat, 12-08-2012 - 1:44pm

I posted (actually edited by adding text) to three threads on my stitching board today and it took coming over here and starting a thread here to get the dratted things to SHOW on the main board that I had posted more recenlty than yesterday, even though my edits are clearly there!

How am I to know a post or edit took? Half the time, I have to do the edit  or post twice before it even shows up in the thread. And when it does, the main board doesn't admit to it!

If I can't see my posts, or if it looks like I posted yesterday, how is a member (of which I have none now --- zero, nada, zip --- since they are constantly being told they aren't authorized to post or aren't logged in or, in one case, coudldn't even see the board in the first place) to know that the board is still alive and well?

Heck, this morning, the main board showed that there were no posts between October and today in more than half the panels. This was on Firefox, which was working yesterday; that was how it looked on Safari, both on my laptop NAD on my iPad, and Terra on my iPad yesterday to so I was thinking it was a browser issue ... but today proved me wrong. Totally scrambled posts --- the recent ones were there, just couldn't be seen! And no amount of tweaking/refreshing/etc. made it appear. It took nearly 15 minutes this morning (by leaving the boards, taking nine screen shots, editing them in Photoshop so they would be jpgs instead of tifs so I could attach them here and starting an email to my CM) before the board settled down and I could see my posts from December! If this is how it's looking to people who are just browsing, then, for sure, they think the board is inactive, and just move on!!

If I'm just going to be talking to myself (and taking three times as long to do it) , I might as well just be doing my blogs and forget the forums altogether. I am truly about to join the ranks of ex-cls at this rate...

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I'll add my scrambled post incident. On Tuesday morning 12/4 I posted a reply to a member on my board. As I recall it appeared in the thread, the next post after the one I was responding to. Fine.

On Thursday evening 12/6 I noticed my board main page said that I had posted on that thread 4 hrs prior...um no I hadn't, nobody had posted there after me. So I opened the thread and found my post ahead of the post I was replying to. The time stamp still said my post was entered on Tuesday a.m. The one I was replying to now has a time stamp of later in the day on Tuesday which I guess is why it now shows up after mine, but initially it was there before mine. It doesn't say that the member edited it, and neither of them have a time stamp for Thursday like the main page says.

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For me the boards/posts/threads have been scrambled since day one,
On any & all browsers.
I find it interesting that each poster sees different threads in diffferent order
::shaking head::

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Hi Carol,

There is caching problem which is causing the situation you described. I know they are working on it but I have no other information.

I know I've seen where everyone is getting tired of hearing thank you for your patience, but honestly, we really do thank you for sticking it out with us while we work through our difficulties. We hope to get this all straightened up really soon. :-)

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