Enough already, please fix the boards!!

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Enough already, please fix the boards!!
Mon, 12-31-2012 - 9:07am

The issues with the boards have been going on since the end of October and this is really getting tiresome.  Things barely work on a mobile platform, such as an ipad, which is how I view the board most of the time.  It takes 2-3 times to log in, no matter what format I am usig, PC, mac, mobile, or what browser, IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome;  I've tried them all.  After I log in, to reply to a new message, when I return to the board, any other new posts have disappeared.  This isn't an issue if I am  on a computer, as I can find new posts on the right hand side of another post.  However, if I am using my phone or ipad, I can no longer see the new posts...period, as this is not available in the mobile format. I have to get to a computer and float all the new threads to the top.  This is not always an option.

Posts are disappearing off the board, and then reappearing hours later.  THey were not removed by the poster, they just go away.  When you try to sort posts by date, it only sorts from oldest to newest, not in reverse.  That is not helpful in the slightest.  Sometimes it takes new posts so long to show up on the board that many of us are double posting becuase we think it didn't get there.

I know that some of the regulars of my favorite board are thinking of leaving,  or at least checking in far less than usual.  This includes our board leader who is a busy woman and does not have time to waste due to these issues that continue to plague the boards.  We enjoy helping each other, sharing with each other, and right now, the boards are more of a pain in the back side than a help.

PLEASE fix the boards.  I am truly agast that it has been this long and so many major issues are still trouble for the board users.  I realize this is a free service, and that we are not paying anything to use the message boards.  Believe me, if we were, I would be requesting a refund/

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Mon, 12-31-2012 - 2:44pm

Hi -

Thank you for taking the time to post. I am sorry that you're frustrated. Everything that you've mentioned is something that we're aware of and are planning on fixing. Unforseeable events have set us back and it's taken longer than we had hoped. I know it's not necessarily what you wanted to hear, but believe me, if we could just flip a switch and fix it we would. We're dealing with a lot of data which has caused issues in of itself.

We don't have a time frame at the moment, but once the holidays are over and we're back on our way, I'm sure there will be some new information shared. Jess, our community director, normally updates in the above board. (I don't want you to miss anything in case you've bookmarked this board.)

Thank you and Have a Happy & Healthy New Year,

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