What is the Best Sexual Position for a Virgin?

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What is the Best Sexual Position for a Virgin?
Fri, 05-06-2011 - 11:52am

What is the Best Sexual Position for a Virgin?

In which position should you and your partner do it the very first time if you are a virgin?

Any position that allows you to make sure his penis is covered with a condom! There is no "better" or "worse" position in which to lose one's virginity. The missionary position (woman on her back, man facing her from above) is the most common and allows for face-to-face contact. Similarly, sex with the woman on top, facing the man, allows that same eye contact, but also lets the woman be more in control, which may be more comfortable for her.

No matter what position you use, be sure you are both ready to initiate a sexual relationship. This means having a talk before getting into bed. This talk should include questions and answers about how many sexual partners each of you have had in the past (if one of you is not a virgin); whether either of you has had a sexually transmitted disease or a partner who may have been exposed to an STD; whether either of you has shot up drugs or had a street tattoo; whether either of you has been to a prostitute; whether the male has had sex with another male, or the woman sex with a bisexual man. All of these are risk factors for various STDs. You (as a couple) should make sure contraceptive needs are met ahead of time, and even if the woman is on the pill or getting Depo-Provera, a condom MUST be used to reduce the risk of STDs. Remember, too, that not all STDs have obvious symptoms; if your partner has had sex before, he may be infected without knowing it.