Anti-gay Westboro church cancels protest at Powell sons' funeral

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Anti-gay Westboro church cancels protest at Powell sons' funeral
Fri, 02-10-2012 - 3:35pm
Westboro Baptist Church, the virulently anti-gay group known for protesting at military funerals, has canceled its plans to protest the funeral Saturday of the two young boys who were killed last weekend by their father, Josh Powell.

The church, which is based in Topeka, Kan., had asserted that the deaths of Charlie and Braden Powell were payback from God over the Washington Legislature's recent endorsement of same-sex marriage.

Conservative radio talk show host Bob Dobkowski offered the church time to express its views on his program if it agreed to call off the protest. After Fred Phelps Jr., founder of the church, was interviewed on the program, he tweeted that the protest had been called off.

My thoughts... Just shows that all they wanted was attention to promote their warped agenda; they got national exposure and a platform to spew their crap. But I can't help but feel it was worth it if for no other reason than the funereal won't be turned into some bizarre sideshow.

But this last little item in the article really chaps my behind...

Friday, Phelps' daughter, Margie, tweeted after the announced cancellation that she was looking forward to counterprotesters' showing up at the funeral even though the protest had been canceled:

"imagine noisy mob Sat.raging in vain! Chuckle."

Really?? Is a chuckle really appropriate? To me, that just proves that the Phelps family completely lacks empathy or any form of just plain human decency.. and they call themselves founders of a church? Maybe this will open at least a few people's eyes!

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This is the exact reason why they need to be ignored, completely. Notice that if they do happen to send anyone out to a funeral, it's one or two? They thrive on the outrage they get. We need to stop giving it to them.
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"They thrive on the outrage they get. We need to stop giving it to them."

Agreed. These hatemongerers do not need free advertising for their hate messages. >>:\\




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I am one of those asked to be a protector (UMC is/was in charge of this ) we weren't going to yell, we had plan to sing children humms.
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