Controversy in MO Over Transferring Students to Better Schools

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Controversy in MO Over Transferring Students to Better Schools
Thu, 08-01-2013 - 4:29pm

This is a topic that has many sides to it, whether transferring students from underperforming schools to better districts is a good idea or not: 

When the Missouri Supreme Court upheld a law in June allowing students from failing school districts to transfer to good ones, Harriett Gladney saw a path to a better education for her 9-year-old daughter.

But then she watched television news clips from a town hall meeting for the Francis Howell School District, the predominantly white district here that her daughter’s mostly black district, Normandy, had chosen as a transfer site. Normandy, in neighboring St. Louis County, has one of the worst disciplinary rates in the state, and Francis Howell parents angrily protested the transfer of Normandy students across the county line, some yelling that their children could be stabbed and that the district’s academic standards would slip.

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What bothers me about this strategy is that you aren't fixing the problem of the underperforming school.   Not only will they be taking funds away from the school, you are also potentially taking away the students that would be the motivators and role models.  

What do you think?

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  If you do not solve the psych and social issues the rest is useless.  The same as if you go to a high rise apt where upper middle class people live and a high rise apt where "poor" people live.  Many good teachers are in bad situations.  The teacher then have to teach for the test, rather than teaching.  Worse is the fact the many kids have no inner discipline.


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I support school vouchers, and think a child should be able to go the best school available.  As to fixing the underperforming school...I think we've shown that the "carrot and stick" approach only breeds corruption and poor results.  First, I think we need to break the teachers union and abolish tenure.  Second, I think we need to have a team of experts.."efficiency experts" and the like...go into the failing schools, do a deep investigation about why the school is failing, prepare a thorough report and then have the authority to effect the changes necessary to help turn the school around, in as much as it can be turned around.  And finally, we need to address the social issues, but unfortunately, that is a monumental task that could take generations.

So in the mean time, yes...let performing kids have access to the better schools.