Day 3 with Guest Editor Michelle Obama: Healthy Habits

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Day 3 with Guest Editor Michelle Obama: Healthy Habits
Wed, 08-22-2012 - 12:01pm

Living in the White House has it's own special set of challenges, yet the first lady still manages to focus on the basics: creating and keeping healthy habits. See Guest Editor Michelle Obama's great stories about how she does it. 

In yesterday's video, Mrs. Obama answered many of your questions about keeping Sasha and Malia grounded & healthy!

Exclusive Interview: Michelle Obama on Keeping Her Girls Active but Not Overscheduled

In today's video, she discusses a specific question from iVillage member, turkeyplease! (Woot!) Watch, and see how they explained President Obama's smoking habit to their daughters...and what it took for him to kick the habit for good!

Exclusive Interview: Michelle Obama on How Sasha & Malia Helped the President Quit Smoking for Good

And don't miss our surprise guest blogger: Kobe Bryant, on his Top 5 Healthy Habits. (I think that tiara suits him. :smileyvery-happy: )


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