Ebola outbreak probably started with 2-year-old in Guinea

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Ebola outbreak probably started with 2-year-old in Guinea
Tue, 08-12-2014 - 1:26pm

"The worst outbreak of Ebola, which has killed 961 people and triggered an international public health emergency, may have started with a 2-year-old patient in a village in Guinea."

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The article goes on to describe how the disease has most likely spread - from the caregivers of the child to the grandparent, to the friends of the grandmother...

While we haven't seen the outbreak here, have you taken any precautions? Extra hand washing? Touching less stuff? Less traveling?

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I've been watching the news on the Ebola epidemic since it first came out and it's all very scary to think about. This morning there was an interview on one of my news sources with someone here in the states that has lost most of her family members (who lived overseas) in the past 30 days due to the virus.

I am praying they are able to get it totally contained before it ever gets to the point where me and my family have to take action of some kind to prevent it. :(

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849. Ebola spreading is a bio attack (8/12/2014)


The recent outbreak of Ebola epidemic is a bio attack. It plays the same role as SARS to create a public panic which finally will cause a heavy economic damage. The target aims at E.U.. The main project is to create a conflict between E.U. and Russia in Ukraine crisis. E.U. and Russia all realize it and are trying to avoid such a confrontation. The shooting down of MH17 was one of the efforts. To push the reluctant E.U. countries to step up the confrontation with Russia, US activate the Ebola attack. It’s a whipping, a blackmail. If you don’t do to my way, you’ll be suffered an epidemic. Your economy will be damaged.


The bird flu virus and Ebola virus, are the secret weapons of Pentagon because so far the outside world has no effective medicine to deal with them. 


Weaponized Ebola Virus Info


Filoviruses like Ebola have been of interest to the Pentagon since the late 1970s, mainly because Ebola and its fellow viruses have high mortality rates — in the current outbreak, roughly 60 percent to 72 percent of those who have contracted the disease have died — and its stable nature in aerosol make it attractive as a potential biological weapon.





The source of Ebola was well selected. Watch the map, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone are below West Europe, then it goes north to Spain. The dead Spanish priest indicates E.U. would be the target.


Of course, to get rid of being suspected as the original source of Ebola spreader. US got two American aid workers being contaminated with the Ebola. Both recovered from the deadly disease. It means US has developed the Ebola vaccine already. Nobody will start a bio war that would also hit himself unless he has had effective cure medicine already. That’s why there was such a comic that WHO demanded the drug but US said it’s too early as it was still in test. The possible production will be in next year.


They won't let out the new drug before they seeing the result of this bio attack - the economic  crisis in Europe.  That likely will happen in September.