Feds resume search for New York boy missing since 1979

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Feds resume search for New York boy missing since 1979
Fri, 04-20-2012 - 8:59am

A fresh investigation into the disappearance 33 years ago of a little boy named Etan Patz led today to the Manhattan basement workshop of a handyman named Othneil Miller.

Investigators believe that Patz, who was 6 years old when he vanished in 1979, was in Miller's basement the night before he disappeared when Miller befriended the boy and gave him a dollar, sources told ABC News.

Federal agents and New York City police began to tear up the concrete floor of the basement at 127 Prince St. in the SoHo section of Manhattan. The basement was Miller's workshop in 1979.
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Oh gosh...I remember following this story years ago! I hope they are able to get some closure for his parents. So very sad... a parent's worst nightmare.

I was reading an article on CNN this morning and they quote a source as saying that when the police interviewd the carpenter about his connection to the basement, he asked them... what if the body was moved? Sent shivers down my spine.

Here's the article I'd read...

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I was reading about this yesterday. I'm surprised (in a good way) that they're reopening the case and doing another search. I know, as a mom, that I'd want some sort of closure on this, even 33 years later. Sad that they have to re-live this all over again though.

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Oh gosh I saw this on the news and am obsessed with it now. It is so sad and tragic. I can't even begin to imagine going for 30+ years not knowing what happend to your own child. I hope they find something, not sure what I want them to find, but something to bring closure to this horrible story.

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My oldest was only 5 months old when this happened. To be honest I was just too darn tired & sleep dieveprived to remember it. But I've been following it (just saw on TLC either a 20/20 or Dateline piece on it) as I got grandkids that age now, I'm interested in finding out what happen to him
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I was just out of highschool when this happened. I truly hope his family can find closure and punish the person that did this.