Iran: Flotilla Of Warships Sent Through Strait of Hormuz Heightens Tensions

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Iran: Flotilla Of Warships Sent Through Strait of Hormuz Heightens Tensions
Mon, 01-23-2012 - 2:05pm

I expect our petrol prices will increase.

Iran still maintains their nuclear ambitions are for peaceful uses. Why shouldn't Iran have nuclear capabilities if some of their neighbours have them?

Britain has joined the United States and France in sending a flotilla of warships through the sensitive Strait of Hormuz in a pointed message to the Iranian regime.

The Ministry of Defence confirmed that a Royal Navy Type 23 frigate, HMS Argyll, was part of the US-led carrier group to pass through the waterway, as tensions continued to escalate over Tehran's nuclear programme.

The strait, a 34-mile-wide sea passage, connects the petroleum-producing Persian Gulf states to the ocean, making it a strategic choke point on the world's economy.

The EU gave preliminary approval to new sanctions against Iranian oil on Monday. On the table is a total ban on European purchases of Iranian oil - a sanction that would not just hit Iran but key EU buyers including Greece Italy and Spain.

Sanctions are already expected against Iran's central bank.

The full implementation of the sanctions would be delayed until 1 July, due to concerns about their impact on the European economy.

The UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands had been leading calls for nothing more than a three-month delay before the sanctions bite, but Greece, which fears its economic woes will worsen if it cannot find alternative suppliers at Iran-style preferential rates - has urged a much longer phase-in to ease the pain.

The embargo is yet to be formally approved by the EU nations' foreign ministers, who are meeting in Brussels.

In response to the expected sanctions the Iranians have threatened to close the strait - through which 35% of the world's tanker-borne oil exports pass - in retaliation.

It came as Foreign Secretary William Hague urged Iran to "come to its senses" and resume negotiations on its nuclear programme.

Any bid by Iran to block the Strait of Hormuz at the entrance to the Gulf, through which 20% of the world's oil exports pass would be "illegal" and "unsuccessful", Hague warned.

The new sanctions follow the stepping up of economic and diplomatic sanctions against Iran last month, targeting members of the ruling regime and associates who are subject to visa bans in Europe and the freezing of assets.

But today's ramping up of measures reflects concern that Iran is developing nuclear weapons under the guise of a nuclear energy programme.

Hague commented: "These (sanctions) are peaceful and legitimate measures. They are not about conflict.

"I hope Iran will come to its senses on this issue and agree to negotiate."

EU governments are calculating that the loss of European oil markets will persuade Iran to reopen talks on its nuclear plans.

On Monday, a MoD spokesman confirmed that "HMS Argyll and a French vessel joined a U.S. carrier group transiting through the Strait of Hormuz, to underline the unwavering international commitment to maintaining rights of passage under international law."

The six-strong flotilla was led by the USS Abraham Lincoln, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier with up to 90 warplanes on board.

It reportedly passed through the Strait of Hormuz without incident.

The Abraham Lincoln is the first American carrier to enter the Gulf since the end of last year.

It replaced another carrier, the USS John C Stennis, in a routine ship rotation.

The departure of the USS John C Stennis had prompted the head of the Iranian armed forces, General Ataollah Salehi, to warn the Americans not to send any more carriers to the region.

"We don't have any intention of repeating our warning and we warn only once," he said.

The MoD spokesman said that Britain maintained "a constant presence in the region as part of our enduring contribution to Gulf security".

Royal Navy warships have been patrolling there continuously since the 1980s.



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I was just reading on this. Iran leaders will make lots of noise, sort of like a kid shouting at bear from beyond the fence in a zoo, all tough. They wouldn't be so dumb as to try something, and I would hope we too would think the same way. For both sides, this is unwinnable. Work it out.

And btw... looks like the Europeans are playing the same game, standing behind us, while acting all brave. If we step out of the way, Germany... you still going to feel brave?

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"They wouldn't be so dumb as to try something, and I would hope we too would think the same way."

If/when Obama has a second term I would be less concerned about US aggression than if say Gingrich or Romney were Pres. One would hope a lesson has been learnt, in Iraq, not to react to bluster.

Israel, under the present right-wing gov't., is a concern IMO. It is pretty obvious that it's Mossad creating the latest 'incidents' in Iran. I bet if the US would support them they'd attack Iran in a heartbeat.

There's a really good article in Time mag., "The Strategist", by Fareed Zakaria about Obama's foreign policy . Quote: " Obama has been a good foreign policy President; he has the opportunity to become a great one."



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Chris Matthews said last night it looked like Santorum was 'excited' by the prospect of fighting Iran. Scary.

How anyone who claims to be so Godly can think this way, I know not.

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'Lovely' a religious war. Yes definitely scary.



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Nuclear row: Iran President Ahmadinejad offers talks

President AhmadinejadPresident Ahmadinejad accused the West of trying to ruin negotiations in order to put pressure on Iran

Iran is ready to revive talks with the West but tougher sanctions will not force it to give in to demands over its nuclear programme, its president says.

On Monday, the EU banned new oil contracts with Iran, saying it was not confident Tehran's nuclear plans were "exclusively peaceful".

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said it was evident that "those who resort to coercion are opposed to talks".

Tehran insists its nuclear programme is for energy purposes.

Negotiations between Iran and the five permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany ended in a stalemate in January 2011.

President Ahmadinejad is the highest-ranking Iranian official since then to offer to resume talks.

In a speech made in Kerman, southeastern Iran, and broadcast on state television, he accused the West of trying to ruin negotiations in order to put increased pressure on Iran.

"It is the West that needs Iran and the Iranian nation will not lose from the sanctions," the president said.

"It is you who come up with excuses each time and issue resolutions on the verge of talks so that negotiations collapse,'' he said.

"Why should we shun talks? Why and how should a party that has logic and is right shun talks? It is evident that those who resort to coercion are opposed to talks and always bring pretexts and blame us instead."

BBC correspondent Kasra Naji says Tehran has failed to clarify exactly what kind of talks it is prepared to enter into.

In the last two rounds of meetings, in Turkey and Geneva, Iranian officials were happy to talk about anything except the West's concerns about its nuclear programme, our correspondent added.

EU sanctions

EU foreign ministers formally adopted the sanctions against Iran at a meeting in Brussels.

In a joint statement, UK Prime Minister David Cameron, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Iran had "failed to restore international confidence in the exclusively peaceful nature of its nuclear programme".

The EU said the sanctions prohibit the import, purchase and transport of Iranian crude oil and petroleum products as well as related finance and insurance. All existing contracts will have to be phased out by 1 July.

Investment as well as the export of key equipment and technology for Iran's petrochemical sector is also banned.

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said the purpose of the sanctions was "to put pressure on Iran to come back to the negotiating table".

Iran branded the embargo "unfair" and "doomed to fail", but it was welcomed by US President Barack Obama, who said it showed international unity against the "serious threat" posed by Iran's nuclear programme.

The EU currently buys about 20% of Iran's oil exports.

IAEA Iran visit

Earlier this week, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the UN's nuclear watchdog confirmed it would send a team to Iran between 29 and 31 January "to resolve all outstanding substantive issues".

In a report last November the IAEA said it had information suggesting Iran had carried out tests "relevant to the development of a nuclear explosive device".

Iran sells most of its oil to countries in Asia. The EU and the United States are now working to persuade Asian countries to reduce their purchases from Iran as well.

But Beijing has criticised the European Union for its ban. China - a big importer of Iranian crude oil - has long opposed unilateral sanctions targeting Iran's energy sector. It says the nuclear dispute should be resolved through dialogue.

On Thursday, China's official Xinhua News Agency quoted its foreign ministry as saying: "To blindly pressure and impose sanctions on Iran are not constructive approaches."

Iran has already threatened to retaliate to the sanctions against it by blocking the Strait of Hormuz at the entrance to the Gulf, through which 20% of the world's oil exports pass.

The US has said it will keep the trade route open, raising the possibility of a confrontation.

Iran oil exports



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China has been bribed to change its mind:, There is a dramatic change in January.

703. War on Iran in February (1) (1/21/2012)

In last December I learned that my brother and sisters would have a trip to India and Dubai between Feb. 2 to Feb 15, 2012. Since my relatives used to be arranged for a trip when the Feds has a new plan, that means there will be a new framed case in February and it always comes with big events as distraction- false flag terror attack, war, natural disaster or all of them.

A news proved my allegation. It will be Iran war this time.

Russian military experts say the U.S. is likely to war against Iran in early February

Why does the Feds choose February as operation time? Because there was a president election in Taiwan on Jan 14. National Party competed with Democratic Progressive Party for that seat. National Party is pro-China while D.P.P. pushes for independence of Taiwan. Of course, Beijing wants to see the National Party to win the presidency of Taiwan.

On the other hand, China is a key component in war on Iran. China is a big customer of Iran. It shares 20% of exported oil of Iran. China opposed war on Iran for its own interest. So if US wants the Iran war, it must buy the agreement of China. The D.P.P. of Taiwan became the chip of the deal and was sacrificed in 1/14/2012 presidential election.

On 1/10, Treasury Secretary Geithner visited China to confirm the secret deal.

1/14, Payment confirmed
Taiwan's China-friendly president wins re-election
January 14, 2012 A.P.

1/15, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao started his trip to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United A.E. (all are US allies) to pick up other payments from the secret deal.

China, Saudi Arabia and the New Oil Alliance - 16 January 2012

1/19, China confirms the deal to turn against Iran.
China Begins to Turn Against Iran

January 19, 2012 2:26 PM
During Premier Wen Jiabao’s visit to the Persian Gulf, he struck deals with a number of countries, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, many of whom are worried by Iran’s nuclear ambitions. China, which has long been one of Iran’s only allies and a major customer for its oil exports, now seems to be turning its back on Tehran. From the Telegraph:

“China adamantly opposes Iran developing and possessing nuclear weapons,” [Wen] said.

China appears to have sent a message to Iran that it could not rely on Beijing’s unstinting support by reducing its imports of oil at a time when the US and Europe are promoting an embargo on the country.

The Washington Post reported that China trimmed its oil imports from Iran in January from a daily average of around 550,000 barrels to 285,000 barrels a day.

Chinese foreign policy experts said the statement demonstrated that Beijing would not allow its international position to end up beholden to Iran.

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Oil compromised to bribe China.

704. Iran war (2) (1/28/2011)

Be noticed that on 1/10, Treasury Secretary Geithner visited China. I allege it was to confirm the secret deal. Next day, there was such a news:

Harper to visit China, seeking higher oil sales
By David Ljunggren | Reuters – Wed, Jan 11, 2012

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Prime Minister Stephen Harper plans to visit China next month as his government looks to open new markets for oil sands crude in the wake of Washington's decision to delay approval of a major pipeline from Alberta to Texas.
After winning power in 2006, Harper's Conservatives initially took a cool line with China and cited what they described as Beijing's poor human rights record.

For the war on Iran, puppet Canada government ignores Beijing's poor human rights, now has a warm line to satisfy China's great appetite on oil.

On Jan. 18, news reported that "Obama rejects oil pipeline from Canada, triggering loud controversy". Of course, it is not for the consideration of environment as he said. It is part of the secret deal for Iran war.

All these events: Geithner's China visit, Harper's plan to visit China for oil export to China, Obama's reject of the oil pipeline from Canada, Chinese Premier Wen's visit to Gulf and new deals with these oil countries, were done within ten days - from Jan.10 to Jan. 18. The technical details must have been prepared in advance. That plan should have started from last November.

My last clear warning for Iran war date was October. see "691. October 21 plot (11/1/2011)". It signals with Harold Camping's World End Day prediction and FBI's case of "Iran plans to assassinate Saudi ambassador in US soil".

Since November, they were preparing this big one - bribe China. Part of this plot is NDAA. It was proposed in late November. When Obama signed it into law on 12/31, I wrote on 1/2, "700. National Defense Authorization Act (1/2/2012)". On point 5, I said,

"5. War on Iran is their major goal. With great possibility, there will be false flag nuclear attacks on US cities to justify the Iran war. Most people realize the truth of the 911 attack. This law is created to deal with the people who won’t believe this government anymore when such “terror attack” happens again. "

I would say my observation was very accurate. One week later, we saw all these events relate to Iran war.
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USS Enterprise - Possible False Flag!

Do US and Israel want an excuse to start a war with Iran, and need to make it look like Iran started the hostilities, so it is more difficult for Russia and China to support Iran?

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Why are there Hungarian MIG-29 in Israel?

English| We already dealt with this question once. The thing was brought up on the hook of why Israeli airplanes drill above Romania. We dissected the issue, that presumably they practice the high hill conditions similar to Iran, and with the Hungarian aircraft they are training under desert conditions, since Iran has this aerial flight at his disposal.

Carrying of MIG aircraft to Israel gained a more dangerous meaning according to the recent happenings. It appears much more logical that the Hungarian aircraft will be sacrificed. Iran is not that fool that he would leap into a war in such a way voluntarily that he attacks the American ships threatening him. The Israeli pilots will do this with the Hungarian aircraft.

They are transformed into Iranian aircraft supplied with colours and ensigns like that, as if they would be Iranian aircraft. A spectacular, well recorded attack against the american ships when Iranian ensign are visible on the planes would be enough for the public opinion to require immediate counterattack by NATO. One or two of them would be shot, and the TV reporters would be allowed to pass at a close range then they can see Iranian ensign on the planes - this would be the final, perfect propaganda of war against Iran.

Ejected and caught pilots would admit they were truly Iranian pilots and everyone would know about it. By this the war would be inescapable, and legally solid. Iran would expound the truth, but nobody would be interested on the West because they already are only waiting for some kind of minor excuse.

This may be easily the new Pearl Harbor case, and this is why those planes were carried just next to Iran.