My Stealthy Freedom and Topfreedom:

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My Stealthy Freedom and Topfreedom:
Mon, 06-02-2014 - 9:43am

      I am not sure what the most appropriate board to post this on.  First I thought “Sexual Taboos,” but while this subject is about taboos I do not feel it is sexual.  Next I thought “Fashion and Style,” it does have to do with what women wear or don’t wear, but I don’t know if this is “Fashion Advice.”  Lastly I thought “In the News,” as “My Stealthy Freedom” is in the news.

      This post is about two “movements” that I find to be similar in some ways.  The first is “My Stealthy Freedom” and the second is “Topfreedom.”  “My Stealthy Freedom” is a website that recently was put up in which Iranian women post pictures of themselves without their hijabs meaning they are exposing their hair.  It is my understanding that Iranian law prohibits this.  “Topfreedom” is a movement, dating back to at least the late 1980s, which promotes changing laws so that women could be “topfree” meaning they can fully expose their chests, any place that a man can.  In most states in the United States there are laws prohibiting that.

      In both cases women are prohibited by law from doing something that a man can freely do.  In both cases the names of the “movements” have freedom in them.  In both cases it seems to me that the people who directly initiate the law (in the case of democracies this would be the elected officials) are mostly men.  In both cases it appears to me that women are the ones promoting the “movements.”

      I found the comparison of these two situations to be thought provoking.  What do others think?