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Sat, 10-12-2013 - 12:45pm

      Given President Obama’s close connection with Obama care and Governor Romney’s promise to sign a repeal of Obama care it is a little puzzling to me that President Obama would have won the 2012 election with a majority (50.6%) of the popular vote to Governor Romney’s 47.8%.  Now there could have been a number of reasons for this, but what was the reason.  Recently I found the result of polls conducted by CNN/ORC that sheds some light on this.  The results of these polls can be found here.

      A poll conducted by CNN/ORC in November 2012, shortly after the election shows that 42% of respondents favor Obama care, 51% opposed it and 6% had no opinion.  A similar poll conducted in May of 2012 shows similar results – 43% favor, 51% opposed and 6% no opinion.  However, these polls also show a break down into those who opposed the law.  In the November 2012 poll 42% favored the law, 37% opposed the law because it was “too liberal,” 16% opposed the law because it was “not liberal enough” and 11% gave no opinion.  So based on this 51% (42% + 9%) either favored the law or opposed it because it was not liberal enough, while only 37% opposed the law because it was “too liberal.”

      The latest such poll was done in March of 2013.  In that poll 43% favored the law, 35% opposed it as “too liberal,” 16% opposed it as “not liberal enough” and 7% had no opinion.  So, based on those figures, in May of 2013, 59% of respondents either favored Obama care or opposed it because it was “not liberal enough” while only 35% opposed Obama care because it was “too liberal.”

      CNN/ORC has conducted ten such polls starting in March of 2010.  In every one of those polls the percentage of respondents who either favored Obama care or opposed it because it was “not liberal enough” totaled 50% or more.  The highest such total was in May of 2013. 

      I would be happy to hear from anyone who has more information on this subject.