Three Inmates Make Brazen Escape from Canadian Jail via Helicopter

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Three Inmates Make Brazen Escape from Canadian Jail via Helicopter
Mon, 06-09-2014 - 9:41am

This is crazy! 

"Around 8 p.m. last night, three inmates at the Orsainville Detention Centre outside of Quebec City fled the jail as they were whisked away by a green helicopter that had touched down on the property. This counts as the second time this kind of escape has happened in Canada in only two years." 

What I can't wrap my head around is this part of the article: 

"A spokesman for the union of prison guards, Mathieu Lavoie, said he's not surprised they were able to get away. He said security at the Orsainville detention centre is minimal, with only a few layers of barbed wire protecting the courtyard." 

These were, by the articles mention, not minimal security type men/crimes. Why were they in this prison or is it NOT a minimal security prison, it just has minimal security because there is a lack of....? 

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Wow, that is insane. Why were these guys at such a prison? If they can orchestrate such an escape they obviously were not in a prison suited for them, not to mention, as you said, their crimes were pretty hard core for such minimal security. 

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What a bizarre story. I think there is more to this than what meets the eye.


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First of all, these men were awaiting their trials. They had not been convicted yet. In the Canadian Justice System, you are innocent until proven guilty. That means that ONLY those convicted of  serious crimes, with sentences longer than 5 years, would be sent to a maximum security prison or to even prison, for that matter. 

We do not send people awaiting trials to prisons; these men were being held in a detention centre.They would be close to their lawyers in Quebec City who would be preparing for their upcoming trials.

At least one of the men had been arrested in 2010 as part of a large drug bust. We do not know (because this information has not been made public) what these men were charged with or even if these are additional charges  stemming from the 2010 drug bust or how long they were in the detention centre.

There is typically a publication ban on that type of information in Canada so as to ensure a fair trial and to protect the rights of the accused and any victims. Being a suspected member of organized crime (in this case the Hell's Angels) does not negate a person's fundamental rights to fairness under the Justice System.

The detention was a medium security center. So, unless those being held in this centre are a danger to themselves or to the others in the centre or in danger from others in the centre, there was no reason to lock them down in high security.  The problem with this centre is NOT with the level of security/control over the men awaiting trial but that it was an older facility. These men took advantage of that.

Nothing "more to the story"; just an older facility that needed updating.