Gunless in Calgary: American policeman jeered for letter

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Gunless in Calgary: American policeman jeered for letter
Sat, 08-11-2012 - 1:28am

"An American police officer who complained in a letter to a Canadian newspaper about not being able to carry a gun during a trip to Calgary has become the target of another kind of weapon: the tweet.

Twitter users have let loose a barrage of jokes over Walt Wawra's August 7 letter to the Calgary Herald complaining that he could not pull a gun in Canada, a country that, unlike the United States, stringently restricts firearms."

Calgary is all about the Stampede and you couldn't likely be there without noticing that. He was walking in a park in broad daylight, and two passersby said, "Have you been to the stampede yet?" One report said they might have been giving away free tickets. Would he have actually pulled a gun on them? OMG, he wouldn't have to use it because they probably would have had a heart attack and died!

One local restaurant put a sign outside that said, "Have you been to the Stampede yet? Just kidding. Don't shoot me!" 

The letter sparked a frenzy on Twitter, where many ridiculed the reaction to what appeared to be a mild encounter, spawning the hashtag #NoseHillGentlemen. 

I would hope that this policeman's attitude isn't indicative of the general population, but I'm beginning to wonder. Why do so many Americans feel the need to carry guns?