The high speed liquid bullet gun

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The high speed liquid bullet gun
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725. The high speed liquid bullet gun (6/25/2012)


In early 2000, I was in Malaysia. An itch troubled me for some time. Usually if it was a sting of mosquito, it would fade away in a day. But this one caused bad itch and pus and lasted for days. I looked at my foot, the pustule formed a small circle. I thought it was a bite of some unknown insect. I bought some ointment but failed to recover from the itch. It lasted a week or so.


Then I returned to US. My relatives invited me for a lunch Buffet. The restaurant was full. we had to wait for a while. That day I got that bad itch again. It was at the same part of my top foot and in same form - a small circle of pustule wound. I started to suspect that was a spy weapon. I had learned in news of it. I didn't expect I would encounter with it.


Poison-tip umbrella assassination of Georgi Markov reinvestigated


The cold war murder of Georgi Markov, the Bulgarian dissident who was assassinated using a poison-tipped umbrella, is being reinvestigated by Scotland Yard.


By Richard Edwards, Crime Correspondent

7:54PM BST 19 Jun 2008


On a September evening in London in 1978, Markov, a prize-winning Bulgarian author and BBC broadcaster who had been classified as a "non person" by the communist authorities, was waiting alongside commuters for a bus on Waterloo Bridge when he felt a stinging pain in his thigh.


A heavily built stranger dropped an umbrella, mumbled "sorry" and fled in a taxi.


K.G.B. used a tiny metal ball with poison in that case. I think I have suffered the same style of attack. I didn't feel any stinging pain. The tiny bullet must be in very high speed. I didn't die like Markov. I think the bullet should contain some virus that causes vital disease. Feds used to make a murder look like a natural death. It could be material causing cancer, or even aids virus? With the limit acknowledge from that story, I originally thought the bullet was metal ball. Now from new information I know it was icy liquid bullet. It said Feds freeze the poisonous liquid as icy bullet and shoot it in high speed that can penetrate clothe and thin shield. I lost the original information but found one with similar principle.


August 7th, 2011 | Posted by Veterans Today


Assassinations By Induced Heart Attack And Cancer



In 1975, during the Church Committee hearings, the existence of a secret assassination weapon came to light. The CIA had developed a poison that caused the victim to have an immediate heart attack.


This poison could be frozen into the shape of a dart and then fired at high speed from a pistol. The gun was capable of shooting the icy projectile with enough speed that the dart would go right through the clothes of the target and leave just a tiny red mark. 


Early this year, my daughter found a job. She invited us for a meal to celeberate. The restaurant was in same shopping center of that Shanghai one (see last message of #724). It was full when we went there. We waited until the waiter led us to a table stands to the wall. Later that day, for the third time, I got that bad itch again after eleven years.


They were common in some points:

1. the wound part used to be on top foot near ankle.(all three times), the latest one added one wound in leg and one in small arm.


2. Bad itch last long time - a week or so. This may mean thick virus liquid.


3. Though the first two wounds showed a regular circle of spots, I didn't see it in third time. They improved their weapon.


4. You won't feel pain when the attack took place. The bullet was tiny and in high speed. You find it hours later when skin started to inflame.


I didn't notice the condition of the first attack but the latter two all happened in restaurant. They were prearranged meal. The restaurant used to be full and you have to wait until there was vacancy. In such an operation, Feds must activate a lot of snitches to be customers so they could arrange the victim to the table that installed with special equipment.


726. The surprise turnaround of Chief Justice (7/4/2012)


On 6/28, Supreme Court issued a pass for Obama's Health care policy. What surprised people was Chief Justice Roberts sided with  four liberal justices in voting 5-4 to declare the law's "individual mandate" constitutional.



Why did John Roberts, a Bush appointee who generally votes with his conservative colleagues, suddenly change his opinion to vote with the liberal? Just three months ago, he still opposed that "individual mandate" law.


Chief Justice Roberts: Can government require you to buy a cell phone?


Mar. 27, 2012 - Chief Justice Roberts asks the Solicitor General Verrilli if the government can require the purchase of cell phones for emergency services, just as the health-care law requires for health insurance.(The Washington Post)



There are different theories about this mysterious turnaround. Mostly were from disinformation office of the Feds to cover up their puppet Roberts. None could solve the puzzle. I know why - the Feds want that "individual mandate" provision. When the Feds want to put Kat Sung under surveillance, they forced the law makers passing through the Patriot Act. (Through OKC bombing and 911 bombing) When the Feds want to restrict Kat Sung in US, they activate the TSA search, (blocking leaving from air flight) blocking the entering of Canada and Mexico; (by "Operation Fast and Furious") see "697. TSA search, Canada and Mexico (12/11/2011)". Now when they want Kat Sung to have a health insurance, they activate their proxy- John Roberts.


 Six years ago when Roberts was selected as Chief Justice, I have written already,

"344. Roberts, a secret agent of D.O.J. (9/18/05)"

This case proves I was very, very accurate at that judgement.


I'll talk about why the Feds want that "individual mandate" provision.

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729. A.G.'s contempt of Congress (7/23/2012)


Now more information revealed that "Operation Fast and Furious" was a senseless mission. It didn't use tracking device on weapons. Local agents were ordered not to tracking straw purchasers. Mexico government was not notified the grogram. Until the operation ended none were arrested. So what the result of the whole operation was? Nothing except the mass killing that caused two hundred deaths in Mexico and death of US agent.


This was an intentional weapon proliferation in Mexico. The purpose was to turn Mexico into a killing field to prevent Kat Sung to enter Mexico. Kat Sung was denied to enter Canada in October 2009, (see detail at "611. Restricted in US (10/17/09)". "Fast and Furious" was initiated in November 2009. The two events were tightly connected. 


Nobody was accountable for that big scandal so far. The BATF officer only changed his post to the head quarter because the real mastermind were high ranking D.O.J. from the FBI and DEA., I allege. That's why A.G. Eric Holder has been stonewalling congressional attempts to get to the bottom of Fast and Furious. Obama also asserted executive privilege over the documents in question. The House, has to hold A.G. Eric Holder in contempt of Congress.


Border Patrol group calls for Holder’s resignation


 By Jerry Seper


The Washington Times    Monday, June 18, 2012 


“Jun 2, 2012 – 129 House members now demanding Eric Holder's resignation “



Why does Eric Holder clings to his post and refuse to resign when it's a common practice in a big scandal?


He is waiting for a big case. When the FBI, DEA in Department of Justice commit a crime – killing people in a framed case, he’ll step down to take the responsibility. For the Feds, that framed drug case is much important than anything else. Remember, "Operation Fast and Furious" was also a sub project created to serve that main one.


730. Colorado theatre shooting (8/1/2012)


People have a lot of suspicion on Colorado theatre shooting. A big question is that if Holmes took that much effort to build 30 booby traps in his apartment, why did he so easily giving up his hard work and released his secret to the police right after his arrest? Many think government was involved.


Possible Second Shooter in tragic Batman Denver Shooting Eyewitness Account


Most people link mind control to it when they saw Holmes’ behave in the court. It seems like he had been drugged and was senseless to anything. Holmes had taken part in Mind control programs. He might have been chosen as an experience subject involuntarily since then.


James Holmes Wrote And Made Mind Control Programs


James Holmes Wrote And Made Mind Control Programs. After graduating in 2006, Holmes worked as a student intern at the Salk Institute of Biological Studies and Miramar College’s biotechnology summer boot camp, where “cream of the crop” students were given rudimentary laboratory projects. 


  MK-Ultra responsible for James Holmes and Aurora shootings Part-I


by Doc Vega | July 25, 2012


PSYOP the practice of modern psychological warfare, propaganda, Political Warfare, PSY OPS, Hearts and Minds, and PSYWAR, all names for a covert form of abhorrent conducted intelligence operations. These operations can be utilized under many forms from selective assassin training, false flag, or black operations. These highly specialized forms of covert and mind control operations, lavishly funded, carefully guarded, are manifestations of the New World Order. Carrying out a strategy of keeping nations at war, the public off balance, and the diplomatic relations between international countries manipulated 


The media beat the drum to broadcast Holmes’ court attending picture. The purpose was to show people the red dyed hair of him to ensure that he was the right suspect. On the contrary, was Holmes stupid enough to fix an eye catching evidence on his head to run all around? Was that easier to wear a red dyed wig so he could throw it away in his escape?

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731. The criminal style (8/6/2012)


There was an anthrax attack after 911 in 2001. The purpose was to frame Iraq as the perpetrator so US could start war on it. The plot failed when the scientists found the anthrax was from the US lab.

  U.S. Inquiry Tried, but Failed, to Link Iraq to Anthrax Attack


New York Times, December 22, 2001.  By WILLIAM J. BROAD with DAVID JOHNSTON 



The failed plot created an unexpected problem for FBI. It must find a scapegoat for the case. For years the FBI was under pressure to find a “perpetrator”. It finally found a victim- Ivins. Since it was a framed case. Ivins had to be a dead man who could never defend himself.


With this lesson, to avoid any more trouble, they always had a prepared victim to take the responsibility of the new plot. In this Colorado theatre shooting case, not only they designed a red dyeing hair, but also had a written plan to prove the case.


  Lost In The Mail – James Holmes Mailed His Murderous Musings To Professor


AURORA, Colo. – James Holmes, mailed a notebook “full of details about how he was going to kill people” to a University of Colorado psychiatrist before the attack, but the parcel sat unopened in a mailroom for as long as a week before its discovery Monday, a law enforcement source told 



The similar style had been used in Virginia Tech shooting massacre case.


  Va. Tech gunman sent material to NBC


4/19/2007     By William M. Welch, USA TODAY


Minutes before Cho Seung Hui gunned down 30 people in a Virginia Tech building, he mailed a hate-filled package of video and photos to NBC, sending what amounted to a deranged final message aired after his death. 



As a matter of fact, they prepared this shooting case first in May, then carried it out on July 20 as a prelude for the 7/27 plot. (see  “728. The 7/27 plot and Olympic Game (7/18/2012)”


  FBI Warned of Theatre Shooting on their Website May 17

Watch this video to see the FBI warning that was taken down within minutes of posting it this past May. 



732. Payment to China in framed case (8/15/2012)


In last July, the Feds plotted a money laundry case on me. The plot, possibly having drug case with it, was created with the help of Chinese secret police. As a payment for the deal, a most wanted fugitive of China – Lai Changxing, was escorted to China. See “676. Create money laundry case (7/24/2011)” and “677. Norway terror attack to distract July plot (7/30/2011)”.


At same time, a shooting massacre took place in Norway to distract the framed case. Norway shooting case was only a prelude. If the main case (framed drug case) had gone through, a series of big events – nuke attack, Iran war – would have happened to totally distract public attention.


Feds prepared similar plot in this July. 7/27 was the possible action date. (Olympic opening ceremony) Colorado theatre shooting was only a prelude. They almost would have shifted the day ahead of time on 7/9 when I said I’d reveal how the Feds would act on 7/4. See #726 and #727.


Yesterday I saw a familiar case in news. Gao Shan, a fugitive in China’s most wanted list, is back to China after eight years. Gao Shan is a legal (permanent) resident of Canada. It reminds media of Lai Changxing’s case. Me, too, have the same feeling. Only I know this is another payment to China.


Chinese fugitive returns to China voluntarily to face bank fraud charges



By Jeremy Nuttall, The Canadian Press   August 13, 2012


VANCOUVER - A Vancouver man accused by Chinese authorities of misappropriating more than $150 million while he was a bank manager in China has voluntarily returned to Beijing to face the charges.


Gao is only the most recent Chinese suspect to return to his homeland after years in Canada.


In May, Lai Changxing was sentenced to life in prison after losing an extradition battle to stay in Canada, where he had lived for 12 years.


Known as China's most wanted fugitive, Lai fled to Vancouver in 1999 and was sought by Chinese authorities for raking in millions of dollars illegally through fraud and smuggling. 

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The post of #734 to 736 were deleted.

See missing 734 to 736 at:


736. CASH FOR HOUSE (9/12/2012)


In early 1990s, many unusual things happened. Mr. Wang’s moving company moved my neighborhood out from my community, his wife was seen living in my back street, the Small World Pre-school shut down due to the disappearance of children, the desert of the public park…. All these indicated that the Feds had moved the residents away from my area. I was puzzled – it took a lot of money.


At the same time I found the Feds were bandits. They murder people to loot their wealth, especially when they have cash. My health had been hurt by the Isotope money. It should be used to track drug money. I never touch drugs. Why they applied it on me? Obviously they hoped to find a treasure of cash pile. Earnie might have died because he had too much cash stored. See:”7. Alleged murder of Ernie”, “ 8. FBI's profit”.


Another way to steal money from victims was through the stealing of credit card. See:  “34. The lost Credit Card “.


So if such a criminal group bought a lot of real estate property, would they just for law enforcement? Of course they’d make money on that.


In later 1990s, I totally abandoned the driving because there was too much harassment  and danger from a manipulated car. I turned onto public transportation.


One day while I was waiting for the bus, I saw an advertising board. A small one -the size like an election campaign board with politician’s name. It said,

“Cash For House

Call 1-800-9**-FAST”

Then I noticed this advertisement was everywhere. ** were numbers varied from different location. For example, ** in Oakland was different from San Jose. 9** might be the number for California area. In Florida it could be “1-800-***-FAST”. The firm behind this advertisement must be a big one. It started to collect property countrywide in later 1990s. It foresaw a booming real estate market.


This firm is a powerful one. It successfully blew up a housing bubble to harvest the profit until it popped off in 2006.



737. The abolishment of assumable loan (9/17/2012)


After I found the Feds was buying the house countrywide, I expected they would push up the real estate price. I looked at the housing advertisement to see if there was one I could afford to. I wouldn’t miss the chance of a coming bull market. 


I found a four bed room town house at the price of 80,000 and called the estate agent. I asked the agent if the seller had a loan that was assumable. She told me the assumable loan had been abolished for a long time, so it was impossible to find any more of this kind of loan in the market. It ended my attempt to buy a house in mid-1990s. The Feds control the bank and it was impossible for me to borrow any loan from the bank.


When I was going to buy my house in 1985, I was pre-warned by the manager that the company would be shut down. Two months later when I moved into my house, the company really shut down and I was unemployed. At that time I thought it was just a coincidence.


Many years later, I started to realize the house I bought was the target of the Feds. They murdered the former landlord. When the widow of former landlord tried to sell the house, the buyers failed to purchase due to the loan problem because the bank is controlled by the Feds. The continuing failure in deal forced the widow to lower the price of the house. I was in waiting list. When it was my turn, they shut down the company I worked. Bank wouldn’t lend money to unemployed.


I was able to buy the house because there was assumable loan – a loan pre-owned by the seller which could be transferred to the buyer automatically in house trading, no bank approval needed. It was a very popular loan at that time. With assumable loan and the money borrowed from my relatives, I bought the house.


Assumable loan was a good tool in real estate business. It benefits both side of trading. It makes a deal easier and faster for seller and buyer. But that goes around the interference of the Feds. (through the bank approval) I think it was my case that prompted the abolishing of assumable loan. Housing industry lost a nice tool just because the Feds want to maintain their fascist control.


738. Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 (9/26/2012)


Although I gave up the attempt to buy a house when I learned that they abolished the assumable loan, the Feds had a swift response to my housing inquiry. In following month I found the housing price went up. Low price house disappeared from the list. Furthermore, soon there came a new law:


  Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997


In 1997 President Clinton signed into effect the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, which included the largest capital gains tax cut in U.S. history. Under the act, the profits on the sale of a personal residence ($500,000 for married couples, $250,000 for singles) were exempted if lived in for at least 2 years over the last 5.t 


When I heard this Act, I realized it was a measure to suppress other buyers to make money in a coming housing babble blown up by the Feds. Investors won’t buy in a downwards market. They emerge in an upwards market. This Act blocks other people to compete with the Feds in real estate market once the Feds blowing up a babble. Common buyers have to wait for five years if they want to make good profit  while the Feds had the houses in their hands for years already. The Feds started to empty my community and buy in the house in 1990 .


San Jose Real Estate Market: Trend, Analysis & Statistics

Annual Home Price Appreciation Rates

1989      25.87%

1990      -6.11%  (I knew Mrs. Chen in Galt Flea Market. Apparently she was the

                     Feds’ target already. The Feds started to buy houses.)                     

1991      -0.99%   (Mrs. Chen was arrested for Heroin smuggling.)

1992      -1.78%

1993      -2.78%   

1994      -1.40%    (I left for China due to the persecution of the Feds)

1995      2.43%     (Return to US. Persecution continued)

1996      5.48%     (Saw “Cash for house”. Attempting to buy a house)

1997      13.22%    (Taxpayer Relief Act passed)

1998      13.08%   

1999      13.74%    (dot com babble)

2000      29.07%

2001      0.79%     (dot com babble broke up)


You can see how the Feds drove down the real estate value dramatically in 1990 when they started to buy in. Around 1996, when I recognized there would be a booming estate market and attempted to buy a house, how the Feds checked the other buyers with that five years new rule - Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 and pushed  up the housing market in following years. The first housing babble popped off before the five year ending of new “Taxpayer Relief Act”. You can see it from the Chart.  

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739. The third housing babble (10/1/2012)


This was what happened in 1990s. The Feds started to buy in the real estate property from 1990 when they drove down the housing price. In 1997, when they found I trying to buy a house, the Feds passed the “Taxpayer Relief Act” to check other buyers from competition. Then they pushed up the housing market with the “dot com” babble. Why? Because the area where I live is the Silicone Valley where the high tech. companies gather in and where the Feds hold a lot of property they bought in my case. The tactic was to encourage the establishment of new company. The high salary employee would boost the property price.  


The “dot com” babble exploded in 2000. The Feds might have made good profit in property market in elsewhere but the San Francisco Bay Area where they invested heavily in my case. How to release their wealth? Then came the second babble.


In April 2001, Pentagon created EP-3 spy plane collision incident in South China Sea. In secret deal with China to release the spy plane crew, the Feds bribed China to frame a drug case in US. As a payback to Pentagon, the Feds helped Pentagon prepared 911 terror case. Silverstein leased WTC at that month. 911 also gave the Feds the Patriot Act they have longed for. (See: “695. The collusion of D.O.D. and D.O.J. (11/28/2011)”)


With Patriot Act and a framed drug case in hand, the Feds now was sure Kat Sung would be eliminated. What needed was a booming housing market. How to get it? By manipulate the Federal Reserve.



You can see how dramatically the interest rate dropped to the bottom in 2001 that created a housing babble US ever had which finally caused financial collapsing in 2008.


However, the property the Feds hold in Kat Sung’s case is still there, how to deliver the hot potato into other people’s hands? It’s still the mission of Federal Reserve.


Reuters – Wed, Sep 26, 2012.. .


(Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Reserve launched a new round of monetary stimulus this month, saying it will buy $40 billion in housing-backed bonds each month until the labor market improves substantially.


The Fed has kept interest rates near zero since December 2008 and now says it expects weak economic conditions will warrant keeping them there through at least mid 2015, half a year longer than it had earlier expected. 


When Federal Reserve exhausted their interest rate tool, to help the Feds to break away from their straits, Federal Reserve will turn papers into money by printing 40 billion dollars each month – all of them will poured into the real estate market in order to create a third housing babble. This time, the babble will come with severe inflation, I foresee.


740. Seize the house and frame a case (10/10/2012)


About two decades ago, I was impressed by a news story. It was about how a black family losing their house. The family had a dispute with the government on some fee. The government seized their house and auctioned it in a very low price only about a fraction of the house value ( I forgot the detail.  say, if the worth of the house was 150 K, the buyer got it for 15 k.) The buyer was an attorney worked for the government.


Of course the news story was not for that black family but for that attorney who bought the house. It said he was harassed by perpetration such like the windows was broken by stones from time to time. It hinted that was a revenge from the black family who lost their house.


What I learned from this story was that government squeezes people by their law system and the beneficiaries were government officials. Later I found the Feds actively murder the people and loot their wealth. Several times I found the homeowner Association deliberately delayed to mail the yearly service fee bill to us. One year I even didn’t receive the bill until it was overdue. I thought it was attempt to take over the house.


The yearly property tax is due on November 1st. Usually the bill is received in September or earlier so we have a plenty of time to mail the check. This time, until October 4th I didn’t receive the property tax bill. I asked my wife if she had taken it. She said no. Obviously the Feds have held the letter. They plan a framed case in later October and hope to seize the house if we miss the chance to pay the property tax.


On Sunday (10/7) I found the tax bill letter in my mail box. Someone put that letter there on Saturday night. I think it was my question to my wife rattled the Feds. They released the letter on Saturday night. But the attempt to seize the house doesn’t change. My wife refused to write check. It is unusual. She must have been threatened by the Feds. They certainly  have planned a big case in later October.


My mother, my sisters and brother and their families, are arranged for a trip to Hawaii in the end of October. That’s not an coincidence. It is not an appropriate time for a vacation in Hawaii. But it's the time just before November 1st- the due date of property tax. It fits their plot to seize the property in the name of owing a debt when the victims are under arrest in a framed case or being eliminated in a travel incident.