Are sports gender sensitive?

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Are sports gender sensitive?
Sat, 09-08-2012 - 5:13am
What i want to ask is: are there any field, place, carrier or situation where we say males only or females only. Is there any place where there is so clean cut segregation? And why in sports male and female play separately when not in education, art, movies or any other field? Just why cant they compete irrespective of gender? Why even in mind game chess, girls play separately? Why cant unisex sports be started in non contact sports like Tennis, badminton, TT etc? When we dont consider difference on the basis of age or race, why then on the basis of gender? Serena Williams must be better than 99 percent male tennis players. What keeps status quo: male ego(losing to a girl hurting male ego) or female fear( they may fear they may not win)? What do you think?