63% of Americans want Boehner out as speaker - Are You One of Them?

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63% of Americans want Boehner out as speaker - Are You One of Them?
Wed, 10-23-2013 - 2:19pm

"More than six in 10 Americans say Speaker John Boehner should be replaced as the top leader in the U.S. House of Representatives, a poll finds.

Fresh off a 16-day government shutdown that damaged the Republican Party in the eyes of many, 63% of adults said in the CNN/ORC International poll released Monday said Boehner, R-Ohio, should no longer wield the gavel. That compares with 30% who say Boehner should continue as speaker.

More than half of respondents, or 54%, say it's "bad for the country" that Republicans control the House, according to the CNN/ORC poll."

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Where do you fall? Should he stay or go?

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      Erin, I don’t want to say whether I am in favor of any particular elected official, so my answer will not answer your question.  Basically I do not feel that replacing any particular elected official will alter things very much, so I do not feel that replacing Speaker Boehner will make very much of a difference.  If people are unhappy with the system then the answer would be to change the system.  That being said I am a great supporter of democracy, whether it is the American form or a Parliamentary form.


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Yes, he's too moderate and too willing to cave to Democrats.

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Thank God the Republicans control the house! Can you imagine what horrible shape this country would be in if Democrats had no one to tell them no? They have absolutely no self control especially when it comes to other people's money!

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I read a piece not too long ago about the philosphy (if you can call anything so absurd a "philosophy) that the conservative movement sees defeat as an indication that they haven't been crazy enough.  That attitude pervades a couple of posts here. 
Got news for y'all.  Public opinion polls show that people are fed up to the gills with their congress critters--with an overwhelming majority blaming the GOP most.  So do the happy dance that Democrats don't control the House but beware.  If GOP strategy includes swilling more tea, voters are going to kick the bejiggers out of the GOP in the next elections.  Count on it. 
Oh, BTW, don't forget too that the previous POTUS ran up huge debts waging wars while cutting taxes. All that indignation about our deficit spending?  Where was it back the Dumbya era?   Smacks of double standard..........


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Public opinion polls are skewed.  They speak to an ignorant and ill-informed proletariat.  First, you have to look at what exactly the poll asked and how it asked it.  Second, you have to see who was asked and how the poll was weighted.  And finally, it helps to look at how people have arrived at their momentary point of view.

Most people probably couldn't name their own Congressman, let alone have an informed opinion about most issues so when a pollster asks their opinion about Congress, if the world they experience (economy, unemployment, gas prices, etc) is negative, their opinion of the "people" they percieve are "running things" would naturally be quite low... which means exactly nothing because a high percentage of people give high marks to their own representatives... it's just the other guys who are the screw-ups.  Ted Cruz, the guy Democrats blamed personally (LOL!) for the shutdown, got an 8 minute standing ovation in Texas last week... 8 minutes.  This this guy is worried about re-election?

Then there's also the bias from the media.  Of the three major networks (not including cable and all other forms of media which expand the contrast exponentially), who reported 58 stories during the shutdown, 41 blamed Republicans, 17 blamed both sides and ZERO blamed the Democrats.  Even if someone wanted to be informed on the issue, the media bias directly prevented them from getting a "fair and balanced" reporting from which they could make an honest assessment.  Knowing that, are you surprised by the polls?

But after the Obamacare debacle... which will only get worse as it continues to roll out and the incompetence, corruption and lies directly impact the lives and wallets of millions and millions of people.  Before the 2014 elections, the people will be crying for the Democrats scalps... even Democrats.  Look for the Republicans to pick up a few seats in the House and gain a comfortable majority in the Senate.  Then in 2016...we can finally see the a$$-end of Obama and finally see a Republican in the Oval Office... and have a chance to turn this country towards recovery and growth.

And I must admit, it's very amusing to see liberals trying to blame Bush for the state of the union 5+ years after he left office.  Remember that it was your Obamessiah who extended the "Bush tax cuts" and it was your Obamessiah who tripled the debt left by Bush... and who only has plans to increase it exponentially on the backs of our children and grandchildren.  The only hope for the future of our country is the rapid departure of Obama and the defeat of the Democrats.