Ed's on the soap box: Texas Reinstates the Poll Tax

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Ed's on the soap box: Texas Reinstates the Poll Tax
Wed, 02-19-2014 - 9:46pm

1st have any of you ladies have a degree in Aeronautical Engineering? At 68 designing an airplane from scratch can make your brain hurt, yep it's now on my bucket list. Of course my bride is beginning to wonder if all my marbles are still in the right places especially those 3 jet skis in my workshop. I'm covering my bases with 3 engines 64,70, and 130HP. The big engine develops 835 pounds of thrust which means a plane weighing less will fly vertically, but I'm designing a motorglider to soar with the buzzards the motor is my tow to altitude. Since I'm old and haven't got my wings yet a cargo parachute should help me return to terrafirma. All men I've known are secretly boys at heart and boys like to play, chase ladies, act clueless, and heck with being safe that's no fun so I'm going to crow hop around our place till I get the hang of flying then worry about landing!  Hell that's what the Wright Bros. did and I've got >4 times the power. Enough of chit chat I'm Po'd and tired of Austin's manure/fan games and here's why:

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“A Nation Divided Cannot Stand” except in Texas where Austin apparently has decided to reinstate the Poll Tax and succeed. If you’re unfortunately unable to drive because your driver license has expired and you’re using a USPS mailbox expect to spend 7 hours qualifying to receive a Personal I.D. via TX DMV. BTW this costs $6 so it’s indirectly a poll tax since the only benefit in my case is to vote.

No matter if you have a current U.S. Passport and your expired TX driver’s license, are a Vietnam Era Veteran with DD-214 serving 3yrs 7mos 1965-67. Austin has mandated only the following qualify so be prepared, because common sense has left Texas Government:

·        Current deed, mortgage, monthly mortgage statement, mortgage payment book, or a residential rental/lease agreement.    Nope bride owns

·        Valid, unexpired Texas voter registration card     Yep

·        Texas motor vehicle registration or title    Nope bride owns

·        Texas boat registration or title      Nope model ships don't count

·        Texas concealed handgun license Now why would I want that? Guns hurt people even kill Army sharpshooter's

·        An electric, water, natural gas, cable television, or non-cellular telephone statement dated with 90 days of the date of application  Right I carry them everywhere Priceless

·        Selective Service card (Ladies your included) Think they'll re-up a 68 year man with one leg?

·        Current homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy or homeowner’s or renter’s insurance statement or auto current automobile insurance policy or an automobile insurance statement  Bride owns

·        Texas high school, college, or university report card or transcript for the current school year

·         W2 or 1099 tax form from the current tax year   Not arrrived yet my assigned chore

·        Mail from a financial Instit; including checking, savings, investment account. and credit card statement dated within 90 days of the date of application   I'll call  RBBCU San Antonio

·        Mail from a federal, state, county, or city government agency dated within 90 days of the date of application    Nope

·        Current automobile payment booklet    Sorry it's paided for

·        Current documents issued by the US military indicating residence address    See above

·        Document from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice indicating recent release or parole    Sorry no jail time

·        Medical or health card   Yep BCBS but no address

·        Pre-printed paycheck of payment stub dated with 90 days of the date of application  I'm a kept man bride does that

·        Current Form DS2019, I-20, or a document issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.   No

 Better yet our physical address and 911 addresses are different since we reside on 60 acres. Never mind I’m disabled unable to walk and if I was to erect a rural mail box it would be 1 mile away over unpaved rural roads, besides costing the America Taxpayers $0.25 for each delivery. Whereas our postal box costs us $80 yearly and is 5 miles away in a different county this is irrelevant.

Never mind driving 20+ miles to vote and bouncing around Stephenville trying to convince DMV I reside in Texas which is clearly shown on my passport. Even our phones numbers are in area code 254 and Lipan’s telephone book. Never mind the property taxes paid to Erath country sorry we have to have documented proof you reside in Texas and Erath County. I wonder if this exempts me from property and sales taxes.  Just wait till I tell all this to my neighbors in a distant cyber universe.

The heck with Vladimir Putin he needs to come to Texas to see how to stick it to the citizen’s. Besides he’d fit right in with most of Texas’s Legislature which is a WASP monopoly destine carve up Texas into little feudal kingdoms where dissent is ignored and the party rules absolutely.  Really governments are there to serve the citizen’s and not act like Nazi’s, oops. Ukraine and Syria we have the same ‘my way or the highway government too’! How did the Nazi’s roundup the Jews, easy just used IBM card sorters to search the Censes? Tomorrow sneaky drones, satellites, cellar GPS, so if we ignore what’s happening how easy do you believe it will take to undo this privacy invasion?

What’s next citizens with imbedded RFI chips like dogs, when working I had a Secret Clearance and understand why my fingerprints were taken. I’m sure mine are still in the FBI’s database, now there in the Texas Database. Now really instead of punishing the guilty let’s take the shotgun approach and punish everybody. Seem logical approach from Austin to me don’t you agree. 

I was born in Manhattan Project (WWII Atomic Bomb), Oak Ridge TN and was delivered by US Army Captain. In 1966 spent almost a year at a remote radar site in St. Anthony Newfoundland maintaining radars on the Pinetree Line watching for CCCR/USSR, followed by reassignment to the Amarillo AC&W (Aircraft Control & Warning) site. The rest of my career was as an Electronics Technician at the Fort Worth ARTCC.

To receive such treatment trying to “vote” makes me wonder if an epidemic of insanity has infected the Texas Legislature. This usually occurs when governments feel they are in total control and beyond reproach.  Some of the political TV ads seem to infer we are ready to start another civil war and succeed from the union oops Obama.

We opt to forget Texas was part of Mexico and was taken by armed force. In fact if wasn’t for many Texas Mexican’s aid we might be speaking Spanish. Virtually all highways, crops picked, and labor in Texas were done with Mexican labor. Spanish language is a requirement for all civil engineering students since the worker's speak little else.

It also appear the Legislature has raised voted fraud to the front of state business, rather than funding schools, reducing college tuitions, and improve Texas national standing in education which is near the bottom, caring for needy citizens by excepting federal Medicaid dollars while others states do. Of course if this pay-ola continues Texan’s will see more business run infrastructure; toll roads, rail, water, and other normally government projects seeded out.

Only one political TV ad acknowledged the War in Afghanistan is lost. Why would 10% Karzai Mayor of Kabul release 60 Talban prisoners if he didn’t already know they will regain power? As for their military the Talban says: Thanks for all this free military hardware!! 

Putting it bluntly Austin is only a different shade of past political machines like Boss Tweed, Tammany Hall and Daily’s Chicago machine which will do anything to preserve their monopoly while daring the Federal Government to intervene. Simply put politically machines are sewers of patronage feed by money to benefit the few while being disguised as benefitting all. Hardly the case, this is corrosion of representative government, where politicians act like screaming babies if they don’t get their way and influence, meantime important government matters are forgotten. Most people know capitulating to this behavior only legitimizes it, but believe their powerless to change it. Even worse the average citizen too busy with their problems could care less.

Edward A. Skoog

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In Texas you can't vote until you register.  If you're one of the two people in the entire state without one of the NINE forms of acceptable ID, how were you able to register?  How were you ever able to pay taxes?  How were you ever able to hold a job?  Right... you're entire argument is completely ridiculous.  And if someone finds procuring one of those NINE forms of ID an insurmountable task, perhaps not letting them vote is a good thing.