Gubernatorial candidate goes homeless to prove point

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Gubernatorial candidate goes homeless to prove point
Thu, 07-31-2014 - 2:56pm

"Down by double digits in the most recent polling, California's Republican gubernatorial challenger took his campaign to the streets.

Neel Kashkari announced Thursday that he recently spent a week living as a homeless person in Fresno, California, to highlight poverty in the Golden State. Kashkari's campaign released a 10-minute long video that chronicles the candidate's week long unsuccessful search for a job."

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Do you think this is just a gimmick? I mean, obviously it is, but do you think he *really* gets it or do you think that he's just blowing hot air? 

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I personally believe these acts where politicians try to live off a minimum wage budget for a week or even mont are just gimics. In the back of their mind they know they have their real bank accounts so it's entirely not the same as someone who truly has nothing but their minimum wage job to fall back on. Let them give up everything they have, start from scratch at a minimum wage job, attempt to get housing and a dependable vehicle and feed a couple of kids.

I work in an office and my wage per hour is not much more than minimum wage. Thank God my husband makes a little more than I do because combined we barely make it.