Imminent threat to the 2nd amendment right now!

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Imminent threat to the 2nd amendment right now!
Tue, 02-05-2013 - 9:35pm


Imminent threat to the 2nd amendment right now! NOT assault weapon ban or mag cap, its much worse !

'universal background checks' = requires universal federal firearm registration!

.... and .... registration is the necessary stepping stone to eventual confiscation.

This is exactly what was done in England and Australia. Registration, then confiscation followed.

Please join this fight to stop this.

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First they passed Patriot Act to give themselves the right to monitor people without warrant. Then they enpower themselves with the NDAA to detain citizens for life without due process. To deal with the expected resistence from people, they created Sandy Hook shooting to take over the guns before they perform such law. Don't you realize it?
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  I assume that you refer to the UN small arms treaty discussion:  It is a terrible idea.  What it does is to deprive people the ability to defend themselves from oppressor groups.  In this world a lot of nations have large ethnic and /or religious groups who want to govern themselves yet with natioal boundaries set by other they have no voice.  

    Quebec in the North American hemisphere is quiet but in the Middle East, Africa,Asia there are many groups at odds.  Negotiation and voting are not germane in many of there situations.  While some nations have successfully split along line others are oppressing the weaker or less numerous.