Media suppress Ron Paul

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Media suppress Ron Paul
Wed, 08-31-2011 - 5:37pm

This is a totalitarian country. So there is no chance for Paul. He is there to cheat the public that US is democratic country. That's all. Though he is the most popular candidate, he will be suppressed.

Quote, " 

Who won the Republican Presidential Debate?


Active Cities : 6,965


Total Votes : 40,882

National Vote

























Votes as of 03:09 PM, 08/14/11


FoxNews / Topix - You Decide


The media is trying REALLY hard to hide the fact that Ron Paul is a serious contender



Ron Paul wins a "Who Won the GOP Debate" poll in Fox News, and after seeing how Ron Paul won by a HUGE margin, Fox News decides to quickly erase it. Funny how all of the media sources, both liberal and conservative, are trying so hard to keep him under the rug. Here's the original Fox News poll: Iowa GOP Debate - Topix [40,000 votes, he got 24,000 of them... more than 4 times the guy in second place].

And these things are happening everywhere (meaning, Ron Paul getting a significant amount of support from both sides, and getting pushed off as insignificant.)

And here is the new one Fox started (Ron Paul STILL winning by a landslide): Who Won the GOP Debate? - Guess they'll have to erase this one as well.

What do Fox News, CNN, MSNBS, etc, and all these other garbage news sources have in common? They are all run by corporate interest!

Now on to MSNBC:

Once again, the Anti-Ron-Paul rhetoric is everywhere. Notice how MSNBC bolded out every republican candidate in the Iowa Straw Poll... except Ron Paul, as if he were last place or anywhere near there (Yes, they bolded out the last guy as well).

First Read - Bachmann wins Ames straw poll

These aren't just coincidence. Both sides are trying hard, real hard, to hide the fact that Ron Paul is a serious contended.

Open your eyes folks: These things are happening LEFT and RIGHT (meaning everywhere and from both liberal and conservative sources).


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Sun, 02-26-2012 - 9:31pm

"(If you want Ron Paul to become America's next President, then the work you do for him over the next 3 MONTHS is absolutely crucial. Register as a Republican and become a Ron Paul "delegate" as soon as possible. Click below to learn more on how to become a Ron Paul delegate.)

* He has never voted to raise taxes.

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    songwright wrote:

    The GOP acting like thieves is never surprising - See Florida and Ohio in the 2000 Election that 'elected' Geoge W. Bush

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    I agree that the media downplays Paul.

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    At one time, I too thought that Rand was named after the writer.