When Conservatives Get Power - Part 2

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When Conservatives Get Power - Part 2
Fri, 12-16-2011 - 2:38pm

From Fox News:

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security relies on surveillance, vigilance, and intrusive airport screeners to keep Americans safe.

But in the state of Kentucky that's not good enough, according to state Rep. Tom Riner, an ordained Baptist minister who supports a 2006 state law requiring all homeland security documents to recognize humanity's dependence on God.

"The safety and security of the state cannot be achieved apart from recognizing our dependence upon God," Riner told Fox News recently near his home in Louisville. "We believe dependence on God is essential. ... What the founding fathers stated and what every president has stated, is their reliance and recognition of Almighty God, that's what we're doing," he said.

Commonwealth law commands the state's Department of Homeland Security to prominently display a plaque outside its offices that says: "The safety and security of the Commonwealth cannot be achieved apart from reliance upon Almighty God."

So, the Commonwealth of Kentucky requires the placement of a plaque that is Un-Constitutional according to both the US and the Kentucky Constitutions upon the offices of a Federal Agency. The 'Get the Government out of my life!' (unless it helps to promote my own personal beliefs) crowd wants to get 'God' into people's lives whether they want it or not - and they are willing to pass unconstitutional laws to do so.

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Fri, 12-16-2011 - 2:43pm
...because putting "God" in documents is going to make the country safer. *eye roll*
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Sat, 12-17-2011 - 12:26am

Oh, no! What a scandal. Well, at least it didn't crash the economy like liberal policies!

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Sat, 12-17-2011 - 5:03am

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Thu, 12-29-2011 - 1:18am

How is this unconstitutional? And how does this