Why do the wealthy pay so little tax as a % of AGI?

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Why do the wealthy pay so little tax as a % of AGI?
Tue, 02-08-2011 - 3:24pm

After randomly checking the tax paid as a percent of AGI in about 12 of these wealthiest zip codes, I confirmed that the weatlhiest 2% need a tax increase, not more tax cuts.




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Sun, 02-13-2011 - 10:48am
Interesting figures, But I do not think you understand all the problem of not having enough money causes. Nor what communism really is. I know many people who wanted a flat tax then when a friend or relative lost their job and could not get one or was forced into early retirement to pay the bills them they could understand why. As it is the poor spend a greater percentage of their income. It is just dollars and cents. Commies? Please. Instead of name calling explain what you mean !