35 percent of West Virginia households don't have computers

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35 percent of West Virginia households don't have computers
Wed, 07-17-2013 - 3:46pm

35 percent of West Virginia households don't have computers in them. Don't you find that fascinating? 35% isn't a huge number, but yet, when you're saying 35% of the households don't have computers and it's 2013, it just seems, weird.


You, most likely, have a computer in your home (it's possible you're accessing the site via the library) so let's assume everyone here has one — is it your only one? Do you have multiple computers? (Not counting smart phones or nook/kindle/ipad-like tablets.)

I have one desktop, a laptop, my husband has a laptop, and my son has my sister's old laptop (his desktop, a hand-me-down from my FIL, broke). The baby is the only one without a computer. ;)

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We have a total of two computers. One desktop, one laptop.  We did have a desktop for the kiddos, but it was so slow and old that they were just getting frustrated using it.  My husband is in the process of trying to build them a new one. :) 


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We have one old XP laptop and a 5 year old desktop which I upgraded to Windows 8.

35% seems very high. I think about all the working old computers that must be getting recycled at Best Buy and the like, everyday, and wonder where do they all go? Couldn't some be diverted to WV? I certainly would expect they all have electricity. I could see a sigfificant percentage may not have internet but you could still use it. Maybe it's a case of being afraid of them and/or simply not knowing how to operate one.

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I live in a small town not horribly far from West Virginia where the number of households without a computer is probably just as high or higher. The majority of jobs are lower paying service related so many people just can't afford a computer. Also, the choices of internet providers and services is not nearly as nice as some of the nearest large cities so most people don't bother.

In my home we have a desktop and two laptops and we do have sufficient (but not great) internet service. Now if only we could get some decent cell phone service....

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We too have crappy internet and cell phone service in our area but I think the school now gives out laptops to anyone in highschool so I doubt we have 35% of homes with no computer.